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2019/20 WSOP Circuit - FOXWOODS (Connecticut) The Official WSOP Live Updates

Friday, August 23, 2019 to Friday, July 12, 2019

Event #9: $1,700 MAIN EVENT

EVENT IN PROGRESS:Level: 13 | Blinds: 1,000/2,000 | Ante: 2,000
  • Buy-in: $1,700
  • Prizepool: tbd
  • Entries: tbd
  • Remaining: 49
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Friday, August 23, 2019 10:18 PM Local Time (about 10 minutes ago)
Moscati Doubles

On a board that read      Vincent Moscati moved all in for about 28,000 into a pot of about the same amount and was called by his opponent. Moscati turned over the    while his opponent had the   . The river was a harmless   and Moscati gained a big double up.

Vincent Moscati87,00060,000
Friday, August 23, 2019 10:08 PM Local Time (about 19 minutes ago)
Neal Takes Out Two

Gregory Neal was in a good spot as he held    in a preflop all in against the    of one opponent and the    of another.

The board would run out clean for the kings as it came       and Neal collected all of the chips from his two vanquished opponents.

Gregory Neal265,000218,000
Friday, August 23, 2019 10:01 PM Local Time (about 26 minutes ago)
Level 13 started
Level: 13 Blinds: 1,000/2,000 Ante: 2,000
Friday, August 23, 2019 9:45 PM Local Time (about 42 minutes ago)
Last Break of the Night

The remaining 54 players are now on their last 15-minute break of the night. They will return to play three more levels before bagging it up.

Friday, August 23, 2019 9:45 PM Local Time (about 42 minutes ago)
Michael Zaino Doubles Career Earnings With Event #5: $600 NLH Victory

Michael Zaino

While PokerNews is only live reporting the High Roller and Main Event tournaments at the World Series of Poker Circuit Foxwoods stop, there have been plenty of other side events playing out all week long.

One of them was Event #5: $600 No-Limit Hold'em, a tournament that drew 156 entries and created an $80,340 prize pool. Up top was $21,050, and capturing that prize – and doubling his lifetime earnings in the process – was 25-year-old Michael Zaino from Wethersfield, Connecticut.

He began the final table as the chip leader and went wire-to-wire to captured his first WSOP Circuit gold ring. To do it he had to defeat Stephen Friedrich in heads-up play, and also went through Andrew Lauer, who was denied a fourth gold ring after busting in sixth place for $3,495.

Final Table Results

1Michael ZainoWethersfield, Connecticut$21,050
2Stephen FriedrichTolland, Connecticut$12,999
3Hilary DombrowskiGloucester, Massachusetts$9,038
4Mohammad HaghdoustMillbury, Massachusetts$6,427
5Olivier LacosteStrasbourg, France$4,684
6Andrew LauerGranby, Connecticut$3,495
7Michael CervantesSan Francisco, California$2,667
8Solomon YiNorwalk, Connecticut$2,097
9Daniel HagenlocherGlendale, New York$1,695
Friday, August 23, 2019 9:45 PM Local Time (about 43 minutes ago)
Jim Finds a Dime Against Wang

Michael Wang opened to 3,600, the two players two his left called and Alex Jim moved all in for 38,600. Wang shoved over the top and the two remaining tabled their hands.

Alex Jim:   
Michael Wang:   

The board ran out     and Jim now took the lead with his set of tens. The   turn and   river did not improve Wang's hand as he doubled up Jim.

Alex Jim84,000
Michael Wang79,000-41,000
Friday, August 23, 2019 9:42 PM Local Time (about 46 minutes ago)
Poker Dealer Max Wiosna Ships a Ring in Event #4: $400 NLH Turbo

Max Wiosna

While PokerNews is only live reporting the High Roller and Main Event tournaments at the World Series of Poker Circuit Foxwoods stop, there have been plenty of other side events playing out all week long.

One of them was Event #4: $400 NLH Turbo, a tournament that drew 322 runners and created a $106,260 prize pool. Among those to finish in the top 49 and make the money were Jason Pardy (14th - $1,317), Cheryl Lanigan (22nd - $818), Steven Sanzaro (27th - $733), Mike Azzaro (33rd - $573), Roland Israelashvili (41st - $573), Hiroaki Harada (47th - $552).

In the end, it was 29-year-old poker dealer Max Wiosna of Vernon, Connecticut coming out on top to win $23,664 and his first gold ring.

"It's kinda surreal. I work a lot at MGM Springfield, so I don't get a lot of time to play," explained Wiosna. "I just do it for fun. I used to try to have too much fun, and it kinda hurt my bankroll."

He added: "I needed a job and the casino was opening up last August, so I just decided to take the class and see where it would go."

Final Table Results

1Max WiosnaVernon, Connecticut$23,664
2Christopher LeachFairfax Station, Virginia$14,621
3Jason BlodgettManchester, New Hampshire$10,456
4Kirk SpanoMuskego, Wisconsin$7,598
5Matthew ZolaRiverside, Connecticut$5,610
6Hoby ShapiroWoodbury, New York$4,219
7David EspinolaDracut, Massachusetts$3,230
8Kevin SniffinRoxbury, Connecticut$2,508
9Michael CervoneMerrick, New York$2,010
Friday, August 23, 2019 9:34 PM Local Time (about 53 minutes ago)
Updated Chip Counts
Ralph Macri175,00019,000
Stanley Lee170,000117,000
Michael Wang120,0000
Matthew Wantman115,00085,500
Maurice Hawkins71,00022,000
Allen Kessler58,000-9,000
Roland Israelashvili40,000-18,000
Chico Pho28,00028,000
Vincent Moscati27,00027,000
Friday, August 23, 2019 9:26 PM Local Time (about 1 hour and 1 minute ago)
Rossitto Fires Out Opponent

Michael Rossitto

On the turn the board read     , Michael Rossitto bet 5,100 over to his opponent who called. The river was the  . Rossitto fired again, this time for 8,500.

This bet caused his opponent to think it over for several moments before tossing his cards into the muck and Rossitto took in the pot.

Michael Rossitto61,0003,000
Friday, August 23, 2019 9:16 PM Local Time (about 1 hour and 11 minutes ago)
Ostapchenko Shoves on the Big Stack

Andrew Ostapchenko

On the river the board read      . Andrew Ostapchenko moved all in into a pot of roughly 75,000.

Scott Efron considered the shove but folded fairly quickly as Ostapchenko collected the pot.

Scott Efron225,000-45,000
Andrew Ostapchenko125,000-10,000
Friday, August 23, 2019 9:06 PM Local Time (about 1 hour and 21 minutes ago)
Level 12 started
Level: 12 Blinds: 800/1,600 Ante: 1,600
Friday, August 23, 2019 9:03 PM Local Time (about 1 hour and 24 minutes ago)
Pahuja Continues to Climb

Mukul Pahuja opened to 2,200 from the cutoff, Paul Cioffi three-bet to 7,500 and Pahuja called to see the     flop. Pahuja checked to Cioffi who bet 8,000 and Pahuja then check-raised all in. Cioffi quickly threw his cards into the muck, sending the pot to Pahuja.

Mukul Pahuja120,000120,000
Paul Cioffi34,500-14,000
Friday, August 23, 2019 8:50 PM Local Time (about 1 hour and 38 minutes ago)
Efron Nails River to Score Huge Pot

Scott Efron moved all in for his remaining 126,000 after his opponent bet 23,000 on a wet flop of    . His opponent thought for a while without deciding. He counted out the call and assessed Efron who began to say something out loud before being told by the dealer to remain quiet.

After several moments the call was made. Efron turned over the    and saw the bad news as his opponent had the    for two pair. The turn was the   and the river came the   to give Efron what was likely the largest pot of the day thus far.

Scott Efron270,000270,000
Friday, August 23, 2019 8:39 PM Local Time (about 1 hour and 48 minutes ago)
Pahvua Triples on the Turn

The flop showed     and there was around 8,000 in the middle when Mukul Pahuja moved all in for 28,900. His neighbor opponent called and the button opponent moved all in over the top for 74,500 total.

The third player ducked and the remaining two tabled their hands. Pahuja was behind after seeing the    of his opponent, but Pahuja still had outs as he was holding    for a flush draw and the   landed on the turn, giving Pahuja a flush and the best hand.

A   river changed nothing as he took down the pot with his turned flush, pulling in the pot for a complete triple up.

Mukul Pahvja105,500105,500
Friday, August 23, 2019 8:33 PM Local Time (about 1 hour and 54 minutes ago)
Garshofsky Comes From Behind to Bust Opponent

Mitch Garshofsky had his opponent covered and at risk preflop holding    against    . A deuce hit the flop to send Garshofsky into the lead and he would not look back as a the turn and river kept his pair of twos ahead to bust his opponent.

Mitch Garshofsky63,0002,000
Friday, August 23, 2019 8:26 PM Local Time (about 2 hours and 1 minute ago)
Level 11 started
Level: 11 Blinds: 600/1,200 Ante: 1,200
Friday, August 23, 2019 8:11 PM Local Time (about 2 hours and 16 minutes ago)
Giulino Extracts All of Moscati's Chips

Joseph Giulino

The flop showed     and there was around 9,000 in the pot. Action checked to Joseph Giulino who bet 3,800 and a small blind opponent check-called. Vincent Moscati check-raised to a massive 25,000 and Giulino was the only person to call.

A   fell as the turn card and Moscati moved all in for this remaining 6,300. Giulino snap-called and the two tabled their cards.

Vincent Moscati:   
Joseph Giulino:   

Moscati needed to hit to keep his hopes alive, but an   changed nothing, missing Moscati who was eliminated from the tournament to the likes of Giuilino and his pocket ladies.

Joseph Giulino152,00089,000
Vincent Moscati0-38,000
Friday, August 23, 2019 8:07 PM Local Time (about 2 hours and 20 minutes ago)
Lee Shoves Out Opponent

On the turn the board read     . Stanley Lee bet 8,500 and was called by his opponent. The river came the  . his opponent checked immdiately. Lee took his time before moving all of his chips into the middle to cause his opponent to snap fold and hand the pot to Lee.

Stanley Lee53,00018,000
Friday, August 23, 2019 7:57 PM Local Time (about 2 hours and 30 minutes ago)
Updated Chip Counts
Michael Wang120,000-3,000
Bob Ricciuti115,00063,000
Andrew Dubuque95,00048,000
Allen Kessler67,0009,000
Roland Israelashvili58,000-25,000
Gregory Neal47,000-48,000
Dave Stefanski40,000-3,000
Vincent Moscati38,0008,600
Stanley Lee35,00035,000
Friday, August 23, 2019 7:48 PM Local Time (about 2 hours and 39 minutes ago)
Bob Ricciuti Claims Event #3: $600 NLH Title for $134,413

Bob Ricciuti

While PokerNews is only live reporting the High Roller and Main Event tournaments at the World Series of Poker Circuit Foxwoods stop, there have been plenty of other side events playing out all week long.

One of them was Event #3: $600 NLH, a tournament that drew 1,754 entries over five starting flights and created a $903,310 prize pool.

Among those to finish in the top 264 and make the money were Mike Wang (14th - $9,846), Andrew Cooper (28th - $3,974), Benjamin Sears (37th - $2,529), Stephen Silverman (59th - $1,896), Daniel Weinman (80th - $1,535), Mike Azzaro (106th - $1,174), and Dan Barry (121st - $1,174).

In the end, local favorite Bob Ricciuti from Johnston, Rhode Island took it down in front of his big rail for $134,413 and his first gold ring.

"I have a reputation for being bitter because I've been around a long time and I've never gotten a big payday. People that know me know the real me. They'll see you when you're busting a tournament, and the whole world is looking at you at your weakest moment. So, it feels like vindication. It feels really nice," said an emotional Ricciuti.

He added: "For the first couple of years I was playing professionally we were struggling. My daughter was young. But here I am 13 years later and I'm still grinding it out. I'm always fighting for my life – I'm fighting for my family."

Final Table Results

1Robert RicciutiJohnston, Rhode Island$134,413
2Corbin AveryClaremont, New Hampshire$83,105
3Rafael PolancoN/A$63,683
4Albert ArcandBoston, Massachusetts$49,140
5Dennis GokmanJersey City, New Jersey$38,210
6Jovy OunthongdyEast Hartford, Connecticut$29,900
7John PhanSeattle, Washington$23,576
8Daniel LeeMedford, Massachusetts$18,789
9Steven WojcikN/A$15,215