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All-In Satellites

What is an All-In Satellite?

An All-In Satellite is a rake-free NLH poker tournament where, at the beginning of the tournament, all players go all-in until there is a winner. This tournament is not a traditional shootout. Players are matched heads-up throughout the entire tournament and each round is a heads-up round.

Once a player wins a heads-up round, he/she is moved to a different heads-up matchup with another winner from the previous round. In the case of chopped pots, both players may move forward with different amounts of chips than their next opponent.

Once a player accumulates all the chips through heads up matches, the tournament is complete and a winner is designated.

How Do I Register?

All-in Satellites can be found under the Tournament or Sit & Go tabs/lobbies. Satellites are labeled "all-in" and denote which tournament the satellite awards a seat or tournament ticket into.

Once a player registers for the satellite, they do not have to be logged in to the client or online to win the tournament. At the designated start time, the client automatically places all players all-in, and the tournament runs until there is a winner.

How Do I Know if I've Won?

If a player wins while he/she is logged in to the client, a pop-up message will come up at the end of the tournament informing them that they have won. If a player wins while not logged in to the client, he/she will receive a pop-up message on the next login.

First place pays out a tournament seat or tournament ticket, and any subsequent payouts are for cash and will be added to the player's bankroll upon completion of the tournament.

In the case that a player does not understand the game format, he/she should contact support for more details before registering for the all-in satellite.