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WSOP Summer Series Registration

How to Register In-Person

Registration: The main registration area is located in the Champagne Ballroom, near the front end of the Paris Convention Center. This office opens on Tuesday, May 31 at 9:00am, and will remain open 24 hours a day, non-stop through July 20th. Guests are required to present valid picture identification, along with their Caesars Rewards card and payment to enter events. Loyalty Card: All players are required to have a Caesars Rewards loyalty card to enter WSOP events. To obtain a card for new players, or to request a reprint of your card if you have previously signed up for one, players will visit the Player Services are in the Champagne Ballroom or visit one of the card reprint kiosks. A valid picture identification such as a state-issued driver license or a country-issued passport is required for a Caesars Rewards card.

It is important to note, players who lost/forgot to bring their physical Caesars Rewards card with them to the WSOP, should request a re-print of their card and NOT obtain a new card. Caesars Rewards re-print kiosks will also be available in the Champagne Ballroom, allowing those a quick way to get a physical card when that’s the only need they have. This should allow for a smoother process to get a Caesars Rewards card, register for an event and cash out for any events when a payout is earned.

Methods of payment for the required buy-in(s) for WSOP events are as follows: (1) cash, (2) credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express), (3) wire transfers or cashier’s checks drawn from the registrant’s accredited bank account and made out to Participant or Paris, (4) Paris or Bally’s gaming chips, (5) WSOP Tournament Buy-In Chips, or Tournament Buy-In Credit. Additional fees will be incurred on all credit/debit card/TBIC transactions. Participants using credit/debit cards must have a valid ID that matches the cardholder name present on the credit card used for the transaction. Addition of ACH to Online Registration: For the second time in 2022, players utilizing the online registration system to register and fund event purchases will be able to utilize their bank account to pay, via a domestic guaranteed ACH for U.S. residents, and a similar but slightly different method for international users. This method is commonly known as the “ACH” method of payment, as the funds come directly from a user’s bank account. This method comes with a 2.75% payment processing fee, along with a $3 per event transaction amount. (None of the extra fees go to the WSOP. They go to the service carriers providing these options.) Wire transfers, cashier’s checks, and credit/debit cards/TBIC remain payment methods for online registration, with all transactions coming with a $3 per event additional fee and credit/debit cards adding 2.95%/3.95% depending on card issuer. For international credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard or Discover), there will be a 3.50% fee, in addition to the $3 processing fee for each transaction.

How To Register Online (Advanced deadlines apply!)

Online registration is an option again this year using Bravo Poker Live, the vendor who has supplied the WSOP registration and payout program software since 2016.

For those that register and send payment online (meeting the deadlines required), you will reduce time spent at Paris waiting in a line. For those waiting until the last minute, online registration will not be a suitable option. It is important to note there are three ways to pay for your Online Registration Buy-Ins:

Credit Card - for buy-ins $10,000 and under only. Accepted card payment types include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover & Diners Club.

Once a credit card has been verified for WSOP 2022, this same card can then be used for online registration until the end of the WSOP.

ACH – for buy-ins $10,000 and under only (no waiting period required).

Wire Transfer (requires registration at least 14 days prior to event's start date)

Learn how to register online by viewing this tutorial.

Step-by-Step Details of Online Registration:

The process online will be hosted on the secure and encrypted Bravo Poker Live website, at the following URL:

Participants will be required to complete a one-time sign-up with Bravo Poker Live. This will save and password protect their registration information, enabling participants to have quick and easy return access for future events. This applies to both WSOP events and for other venues that work with Bravo Poker Tournament software. (If you have previously registered for the WSOP or other events via Bravo Poker Live in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, or 2021 you will already have an account and can just log-in) (Please note, due to security/software upgrades, a previous user may need to reset the account password. Please reach out to bplsupport@genesisgaming if you experience login issues).

Participants registering via Bravo Poker Live are also required to have a Caesars Rewards Card®/Account to online register. Participants can register for and activate a Caesars Rewards Account at

Once the participant completes the online process (including sending in payment) for one or more events, they then only have to show up in the Paris Convention Center Burgundy Room where the WSOP FasTrac verifications take place at least one hour prior to their event's start time, to show proof of identification and have their identity verified. If the method of payment is credit card, the participant must also present the credit card used for the online registration (this must be in the name of the registered player). Once verified, the participant will receive their seat assignments and receipts for all event(s) they have registered for and can proceed to their starting room, table and seat at their leisure.

ADA accessible kiosks are available at designated locations, and staff are available at those kiosks to provide additional assistance if needed.

Fees: The payment required for participation in any Tournament event is the full amount of the event's entry fee, which includes an administrative fee to cover necessary Tournament staffing, materials and related administrative costs. There are additional fees applicable to online registration and the chosen method of payment. Additional Fees: There will be a $3 processing fee added to each event transaction for using the online registration system or any TBIC transaction. Credit cards are charged an additional 2.95% fee to use this method of payment. (Fees for American Express are 3.95%). For international credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard or Discover), there will be a 3.50% fee, in addition to the $3 processing fee for each transaction. In addition, anyone who uses a wire-transfer or cashier's check are still subject to any fees their bank imposes (the WSOP does not impose any fees). These are typical fees used in the payment processing industry for online transactions of this nature, by the vendors and providers of these services. Participant is responsible for payment of the full registration amount and all applicable fees.

Refunds: Anyone who registers for an event online but chooses not to play may get a refund at the WSOP registration cage on-site in the Paris Convention Center up to the start time for the event. Participants, who don't end up travelling out to an event they online registered for, should email Tyler Pipal at to request the necessary paperwork to receive a refund. This request must be done in advance of the event's start time. Refunds will be issued for the buy-in amount only. Any processing fees incurred for the transaction will not be refunded.

Kiosks to Print Seat Assignments: The WSOP will make greater use of technology this year, allowing guests to print seat cards via one of 20 kiosks that will be placed throughout the WSOP footprint. This method only works for players who utilize the Online/Mobile Registration System to select their events and fund them in advance and who have gone through in-person verification of their identification on-site once per WSOP. (Details below).

Anyone using a kiosk will need to have their Caesars Rewards card with them.

We encourage as many players as possible to utilize the online/mobile registration process to sign up for events. This will reserve your seat to an event and allow you to register and pay for WSOP events online. WSOP uses to manage online/mobile registrations. To register online, players will need one visit to the Burgundy Ballroom. Then verified players can simply pick event(s) online via Bravo, utilize the self-service kiosks located throughout the Paris Convention Center to print their seat cards, and then go directly to their table. 38,565 entries in 2019 utilized the online registration system, about 20% of entries. The goal is to grow this registration method to eventually reach 80% and greatly ease in-person registration congestion. Registration is now open both online and in-person at the main Paris casino cage.

WSOP Tournament Account: The free to set up WSOP Tournament Account, established in 2019 returns in 2022, with hopes this too receives greater utilization. 1,523 players set up a WSOP Tournament Account in 2019, including notable poker professional Daniel Negreanu.

“The WSOP Tournament Account is a no-brainer for anyone who plays more than a couple WSOP events annually,” said Negreanu. “Literally I went to the registration cage once to set it up, then utilized the self-serve kiosks the rest of the summer to register for any event I wanted to play. I was in and out of the kiosk in less than a minute and on my way to my seat.”

The WSOP Tournament Account works as follows: Players wire in funds for WSOP tournament play or put money on account when they arrive. After a player initially sets up this account at the WSOP Main Cage in the Champagne Ballroom, the player will have the option to register online or via mobile device (via for WSOP tournaments with the funds used to initiate the account and simply print seat card(s) at one of the kiosks – avoiding the need to use the registration line to enter events.

Burgundy Ballroom: A dedicated ballroom will be set up in 2022 to welcome players who have registered online. You cannot register for an event in this room, but if you are already registered and need assistance with your online registration from a person, or if a kiosk isn’t working, etc., bring your Caesars Rewards card and picture identification to the Burgundy Ballroom (located on the right-side of the main Paris Convention hallway.