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2019 50th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Sunday, June 30, 2019 to Thursday, February 21, 2019

$1,000 ONLINE No-Limit Hold'em Championship (Event #68)

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  • Buy-in: $1,000
  • Prizepool: $1,662,500
  • Entries: 1,750
  • Remaining: 0


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Monday, July 1, 2019 3:34 AM Local Time
Nicholas "Illari" Baris Takes Down a Massive Field for $303,738.75 in Event #68: $1,000 ONLINE No-Limit Hold'em Championship

After 11 and a half hours of online action Nicholas "Illari" Baris emerged as the winner of Event #68: $1,000 ONLINE No-Limit Hold'em Championship. He defeated a field with a total of 1,750 entries for a whopping grand prize of $303,738.75. It is the first WSOP Bracelet for the Utica, New York native, with his previous biggest online WSOP result being an 8th-place finish in 2018 in a PLO 6-handed tournament.

1Nicholas "Illari" BarisUnited States$303,738.75
2Tara "bertperton" CainUnited States$187,530
3William "TheBurrSir" Lamb HardingUnited Sates$113,332.50
4David "YoungPitts" BakerUnited States$96,092.50
5Jason "LuckDuck" LawhunUnited States$69,991.25
6Jack "Mr. Yang" MaskillUnited Kingdom$51,703.75
7Chris "Camdi" FergusonUnited States$38,736.25
8Ryan "PlzCumAgain" JonesUnited States$29,260
9Antonio "karma007" GuerreroUnited States$22,443.75

The final table consisted of several well-known players including David "YoungPitts" Baker (4th place for $96,902.50) and Chris "Camdi" Ferguson who apparently was competing in this tournament on his iPad while playing and bagging in Event 66: $1,500 Limit Hold'em at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino at the same time. He enjoyed quite the run on the virtual felt as he finished in 7th place for $38,736.35.

Tara "bertperton" Cain who owns an online WSOP circuit ring and was runner up in the 2017 WSOP High Roller Online Event, was the star of the show for much of the night as she gathered an overwhelming chip advantage. At one point she had double the stack of her closest competitor and nearly a third of the chips in play with 16 players left. She would take this big lead further with almost half the chips in play as the final table started, eliminating many of the final table competitors.

When heads up play began, Cain held more than 70% of the chips with a 27 million to 8 million-chip lead. But this is when Nicholas "Illari" Baris made his move. He chipped away at her advantage slowly and got a double up when his pocket tens held up against her ace-nine. Just a few minutes after the double, Baris would take a very slight chip advantage, the first time that Cain had not been the chip leader since before the final two tables.

Baris did not need the lead long before he finished it off. In a sudden turn of events, he found himself all in with pocket queens against the pocket nines of Cain, needing only for his ladies to hold for him to take the bracelet. And hold they did, as the board ran out clean and just like that he was champion. Cain was unable, but Baris had won the WSOP bracelet.

Pokernews will be on hand to cover the rest of the online WSOP.Com bracelet events, as well as every bracelet event at the felt for the duration of this 2019 World Series of Poker.

Monday, July 1, 2019 2:58 AM Local Time
Tara "bertperton" Cain Eliminated in 2nd Place ($187,530)

A stunning turn of events occurred as no sooner had Nicholas "Illari" Baris ahd taken the chip lead he found himself all in and in a great position against Tara "bertperton" Cain.

Tara "bertperton" Cain   
Nicholas "Illari" Baris   

The flop gave no backdoor hope as it came the    . The   was no help either, leaving Cain with only a nine to save her tournament but it came the   to confirm her fate as runner up in 2nd place.

Nicholas "Illari" Baris35,000,00017,235,466
Tara "bertperton" Cain0-17,245,008
Monday, July 1, 2019 2:53 AM Local Time
Nicholas "Illari" Baris Takes Lead

Nicholas "Illari" Baris has taken the chip lead after winning a few pots in a row.

Nicholas "Illari" Baris17,764,5344,282,475
Tara "bertperton" Cain17,245,008-4,322,026
Monday, July 1, 2019 2:50 AM Local Time
Nicholas "Illari" Baris Doubles

Nicholas "Illari" Baris scored a big double up to get closer in chips.

Tara "bertperton" Cain21,567,034-5,361,674
Nicholas "Illari" Baris13,482,0595,940,767
Monday, July 1, 2019 2:48 AM Local Time
Heads Up Chip Counts
Tara "bertperton" Cain26,928,70811,771,670
Nicholas "Illari" Baris7,541,292865,573
Gorilla Gaming
Monday, July 1, 2019 2:45 AM Local Time
William "TheBurrSir" Lamb Harding Eliminated in 3rd Place ($133,332.50)

William "TheBurrSir" Lamb Harding was eliminated in 3rd place at the hands of Tara "bertperton" Cain.

William "TheBurrSir" Lamb Harding0-4,228,397
Monday, July 1, 2019 2:43 AM Local Time
David "YoungPitts" Baker Eliminated in 4th Place ($96,092.50)

David "Bakes" Baker

Rapid fire eliminations also claimed David "YoungPitts" Baker as he was eliminated in fourth place after succumbing immediately after the fifth place elimination.

David "YoungPitts" Baker0-5,830,784
Monday, July 1, 2019 2:41 AM Local Time
Jason "LuckDuck" Lawhun Eliminated in 5th Place ($69,991.25)

Jason "LuckDuck" Lawhun was all in pre-flop against Tara "bertperton" Cain, He held the lead with pocket eights against   .

The flop would be gin for Cain though as it came     for the flush and the run out would confirm the elimination.

Jason "LuckDuck" Lawhun0-2,428,062
Monday, July 1, 2019 2:32 AM Local Time
Chip Count Update of Final Five

Play is at level 41 with blinds at 170,000/340,000 and an ante of 3,400

Tara "bertperton" Cain15,157,0382,918,000
Nicholas "Illari" Baris6,675,719554,000
David "YoungPitts" Baker5,830,7841,420,314
William "TheBurrSir" Lamb Harding4,228,397-2,797,392
Jason "LuckDuck" Lawhun2,428,06288,031
Monday, July 1, 2019 2:25 AM Local Time
Jack "Mr. Yang" Maskill Eliminated in 6th Place ($51,703.75)

Jack "Mr. Yang" Maskill moved all in from the cutoff and was called by Nicholas "Illari" Baris in the big blind.

He was dominated with    against the   . The run out would not help and he was eliminated in 6th place.

Nicholas "Illari" Baris6,121,7193,311,369
Jack "Mr. Yang" Maskill0-6,275,745
Gorilla Gaming
Monday, July 1, 2019 2:13 AM Local Time
Chris "Camdi" Ferguson Eliminated in 7th Place ($38,736.25)

Chris "Camdi" Ferguson jammed from the small blind and was called by William "TheBurrSir" Lamb Harding who woke up with pocket queens from the big blind.

The run out gave Ferguson some hope as the straight draw emerged but the river confirmed his elimination in 7th place.

William "TheBurrSir" Lamb Harding7,025,7894,248,223
Chris "Camdi" Ferguson0-3,492,223
Monday, July 1, 2019 2:03 AM Local Time
Chip Count Update
Tara "bertperton" Cain12,239,0381,942,424
Jack "Mr. Yang" Maskill6,275,7451,068,000
David "YoungPitts" Baker4,410,4701,706,249
Chris "Camdi" Ferguson3,492,223-128,000
Nicholas "Illari" Baris2,810,350816,000
William "TheBurrSir" Lamb Harding2,777,566-448,000
Jason "LuckDuck" Lawhun2,340,031-2,029,212
Monday, July 1, 2019 2:01 AM Local Time
Ryan "PlzCumAgain" Jones Eliminated in 8th Place ($29,260)

'youngpitts' shoved from early position. It folded around to 'plzcumagain' in the small blind who thought it over for quite a while, using their time bank before calling.

They received the bad news as their pocket fours were dominated by the pockey eights. No miracle would come and their tournament was over in 8th place.

Ryan "PlzCumAgain" Jones0-2,484,826
Monday, July 1, 2019 1:57 AM Local Time
Antonio "karma007" Guerrero Eliminated in 9th Place ($22,443.75)

'karma007' was rivered out of the tournament by 'bertperton' as the advantage gained on the flop was smothered on the river when the 6 came home for the chip leader.

Antonio "karma007" Guerrero0-1,037,212
Monday, July 1, 2019 1:49 AM Local Time
Final Table Payouts

Here are the payouts to each finishing position. The money certainly increases quickly.

Gorilla Gaming
Monday, July 1, 2019 1:34 AM Local Time
Final Table Chip Counts, 'bertperton' Flying Away

'bertperton' has maintained his huge chip lead heading into the final table and has nearly half of the chips in play.

Play is at level 38 with blinds at 100,000/200,000 and a 20,000 ante.

Monday, July 1, 2019 1:32 AM Local Time
'projector52' Eliminated in 10th Place ($17,456.25)

'projector52' was eliminated when their    went down in a pre flop all in to the    of the on fire 'bertperton' when a   hit the flop.

Tara "bertperton" Cain11,056,6143,496,253
Monday, July 1, 2019 1:30 AM Local Time
'masaverake' Eliminated in 11th Place ($17.456.25)

'masaverake' was eliminated when they shoved their short stack into the better hand pre-flop and could not come from behind to stay alive.

Chris "Camdi" Ferguson5,241,3982,012,898
Monday, July 1, 2019 1:24 AM Local Time
'mkcnrd3' Eliminated in 12th Place ($17,456.25)

The extremely short-stacked 'mkcnrd3' was forced all in as their stack was less than one big blind. They had some hope on the flop as their kicker was paired but the better kicker of 'Illari' was paired on the turn to end all hopes of a dramatic comeback for the ages.

Monday, July 1, 2019 1:21 AM Local Time
USDND8 Eliminated in 13th Place ($13,798.75)

"LuckDuck" eliminated 'USDND8" as they had them dominated from the start of the hand and no queen would come.

Jason "LuckDuck" Lawhun4,451,2433,987,629
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