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2019 50th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Sunday, June 09, 2019 to Monday, June 10, 2019

$1,000 Double Stack No-Limit Hold'em (Event #22)

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  • Buy-in: $1,000
  • Prizepool: $2,927,700
  • Entries: 3,253
  • Remaining: 0


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Tuesday, June 11, 2019 5:54 PM Local Time
Jorden Fox Conquers Event #22: $1,000 Double Stack No-Limit Hold'em ($420,693)

Jorden Fox

Jorden Fox captured his maiden bracelet and conquered a 3,253-player strong field in Event #22: $1,000 Double Stack No-Limit Hold'em. The soon-to-be father received $420,693 for his accomplishment, overcoming a final table that included the likes of bracelet winner Jeffrey Smith and music supervisor Scott Vener.

A loud yell echoed through the Amazon Room as soon as the final cards were dealt in his favor. Fox celebrated with both fists pumped sky-high and quickly got swamped by his family. One of the onlookers was Fox's eight-month pregnant partner, who was able to experience her man's crowning achievement through the phone screen held by Fox's dad.

"It's the most amazing thing," a bewildered Fox said to the assorted media shortly afterward. "I'm about to have a baby next month and I'm only here to play three tournaments. This is the third one and I just won it. It's unbelievable."

The family man was flanked by a jubilant rail consisting of his dad, brother, and cousin, who are all here to play in the WSOP.

"We all come out here every summer together and make it our family thing. My dad [Yosef Fox] took 100th in the Main Event in 2015, I took 27th last year. Every time we get here we all get together and coach and rally each other. I don't know how I'd do without the rail."

One thing is for sure: with the shiny piece of hardware around his wrist, it's the young Fox who holds the bragging rights within the family now.

"They're gonna hear about it. All year," he laughed.

2019 WSOP Event #22: $1,000 Double Stack NLH Results

1Jorden FoxUnited States$420,693
2Jayachandra GangaiahUnited States$259,834
3Jeffrey SmithUnited States$191,789
4Simon LegatFrance$142,648
5Marco GarciaUnited States$106,917
6Ryan TevesUnited States$80,760
7Scott VenerUnited States$61,480
8Andrew GlaubergUnited States$47,173
9Christopher AndlerSweden$36,484
Jorden Fox
Jorden Fox and his father

Fox is no stranger to running deep at the WSOP. Last year, he found himself on the brink to poker immortality making it all the way to the final hand of Day 6 of the Main Event before bowing out in 27th place ($282,630). This time, he was able to close it out and has a WSOP gold bracelet to account for it.

"I thought that was the best run ever," Fox said about his 27th place finish in the Main. The 32-year old from Long Beach, California took some time off after a career-altering run to reflect on the experience and learn from it. In fact, this is Fox's first cash since the 2018 WSOP Main Event, and he eclipsed last year's accomplishment with an even bigger six-figure score. The slow-paced nature of the Main Event and octane-fueled blind increases in the event couldn't be more different in nature.

"It's totally the opposite of the Main Event where you can sit and be really patient," Fox compared the turbo-ish nature of the Double Stack No-Limit Hold'em to the Big One. "For this one, you gotta be running good pretty much the whole time and weathering the bad beats. But the structure with more chips starting out, and the faster blinds, all seemed to work out for me this time."

Runner-up to Fox was Jay Gangaiah, who received $259,834 for finishing in second place. Short stacked, Gangaiah laddered himself quite nicely after Fox clashed multiple times with 2014 bracelet winner Jeffrey Smith. Pivotal towards Fox's eventual victory was a monster cooler during three-handed play where Fox held ace-queen against aces.

Jeffrey Smith
Bracelet winner Jeffrey Smith finished in 3rd place ($191,789)

"I played a lot with Jeff and he was really good. Probably the best player in the rest of the field. We got into a raising war there and he woke up with aces. I flopped a queen and knew I had a little bit of life there. And then the queen on the turn was just the magic. I knew after that queen, I had to win the tournament. That was the second time I got lucky in the tournament. Other than that, it was just a great run."

Shortly after the miraculous escape, Fox eliminated his adversary after both found big hands again and got involved in another raising war. It was Fox's ace-king suited catching an ace to break Smith's pocket queens, eliminate him in third place, and end his shot at a second bracelet. While fortune was on Fox's side, the champion had nothing but kind words to say about Smith afterward.

"It was bittersweet to see Jeff go out in third. I thought he was a really strong player. He made a move on me yesterday and I gave him a lot of respect for it," Fox complimented.

With his strongest opponent gone, Fox commenced the heads-up with Gangaiah sporting a nearly 10:1 lead. However, Gangaiah found some life after doubling up twice, bolstering his and his rail's spirit. Ultimately, the comeback would be shortlived, as Fox was able to turn it around in thirty minutes. After wearing Gangaiah down to below fifteen bigs, he won the third all-in with ace-four versus deuces for the crowning moment of his poker career.

With the unexpected windfall of more than $400K, the soon-to-be father suddenly has a lot of cash to splurge around.

"I'm gonna buy a lot of baby diapers," he chuckled. "Probably a present for my wife, [other than that] keep living nice and playing poker. I've been playing for twelve years, and to win a bracelet at 32 is an absolute dream come true."

The crowning moment of his career? "Absolutely, without a doubt. It's the best achievement in poker."

Jorden Fox
Jorden Fox
Tuesday, June 11, 2019 4:17 PM Local Time
Jayachandra Gangaiah Eliminated in 2nd Place ($259,834)

Jayachandra Gangaiah

Hand #102: Jorden Fox moved all in from the small blind. Jayachandra Gangaiah looked at his cards and paused for a few moments, thinking it over before making the call after about five seconds. His remaining hopes of winning the bracelet were on the line.


An ace hit the flop to damage Gangaiah's chances as it came the    . The turn was the   and the river ended up being his last card of the tournament as it came the   to end his great run in 2nd place.

Jorden Fox
Jorden Fox
Jorden Fox130,120,00020,000,000
Jayachandra Gangaiah0-20,000,000
Tuesday, June 11, 2019 4:16 PM Local Time
Hands #91-101: These Boots Are Made For...

Jorden Fox

Hand #91: Jayachandra Gangaiah limped in and Jorden Fox checked. The     got checked by both players. On the   turn, Fox bet 2,500,000 and Gangaiah called. Fox bet another 2,500,000 on the   river and Gangaiah called again, but couldn't defeat the   .

Hand #92: Fox made it 3,500,000 to go and Gangaiah folded.

Hand #93: A walk for Fox.

Hand #94: A walk for Gangaiah.

Hand #95: A walk for Fox.

Hand #96: A walk for Gangaiah.

Hand #97: A walk for Fox.

Hand #98: Fox limped and Gangaiah checked. The     flop got checked by both. The   turn brought a check from Gangaiah. Fox bet 3,000,000, Gangaiah check-raised all in for 11,300,000, and Fox folded.

Hand #99: Gangaiah shoved and Fox folded.

Hand #100: A walk for Gangaiah.

Hand #101: Gangaiah limped and Fox checked. Both players checked the     flop. Gangaiah shoved the   turn and Fox snap-folded.

Jorden Fox110,120,00013,120,000
Jayachandra Gangaiah20,000,000-13,120,000
Tuesday, June 11, 2019 4:06 PM Local Time
Hands #81-90: Gangaiah Doubles Twice

Hand #81: Jayachandra Gangaiah folded the small blind

Hand #82: Jorden Fox folded from the small blind

Hand #83: Gangaiah folded the small blind

Hand #84: Fox shoved all in from the small blind and was snap called by Gangaiah. Fox held the    up against the    of Gangaiah. The board ran out safely for Gangaiah as it came       to give him a much needed double up

Hand #85: Gangaiah folded the small blind

Hand #86: Fox moved all in which folded out Gangaiah

Hand #87: Gangaiah folded the small blind

Hand #88: Fox shoved all in from the small blind and Gangaiah called quickly. Fox was looking to win the bracelet with the    against the    of Gangaiah. The board stayed true for the eights as it ran out the       to give Gangaiah even more breathing space and put a slight amount of pressure on Fox.

Hand #89: Gangaiah gave up the small blind

Hand #90: Fox raised to 3,800,000 from the small blind. Gangaiah put in the call. The flop came the    . It was checked to the turn which came the  . Fox bet 4,000,000 and Gangaiah folded.

Jorden Fox97,000,000-21,120,000
Jayachandra Gangaiah33,120,00021,120,000
Tuesday, June 11, 2019 3:56 PM Local Time
Level 41 started
Level: 41
Blinds: 800000/1600000
Ante: 1600000
Tuesday, June 11, 2019 3:56 PM Local Time
Jeffrey Smith Eliminated in 3rd Place ($191,789)

Jeffrey Smith

Hand #80: Jorden Fox raised to 3,000,000 on the button, Jeffrey Smith three-bet from the small blind, Fox quickly four-bet shoved all in and Smith called all in equally as fast for 33,000,000.

Jeffrey Smith:   
Jorden Fox:   

Two amazing hands collided and once again, Fox prevailed over Smith as the board ran out      . Smith's run ended in third place, worth $191,789.

Jorden Fox118,120,00053,520,000
Jayachandra Gangaiah12,000,000-32,520,000
Jeffrey Smith0-17,000,000
Tuesday, June 11, 2019 3:53 PM Local Time
Hands #73-79: Smith Doubles Up

Hand #73: Jeffrey Smith shoved all in on the button for 21,600,000 and Jayachandra Gangaiah called from the big blind.

Jeffrey Smith:   
Jayachandra Gangaiah:   

The dealer spread out       to improve Smith to a straight on the river to double back into it.

Hand #74: Jorden Fox made it 3,000,000 on the button and Smith defended the big blind. On the     flop, Smith checked, Fox bet 4,200,000, Smith check-raised to 8,500,000, and Fox called.

The turn brought the   and Smith checked. Fox cut out a bet of 10,000,000 and slid it forward. Smith gave him an intense staredown before laying it down.

Hand #75: Fox got a walk.

Hand #76: Smith made it 2,700,000 on the button and a family pot was played. It got checked down all the way on      . Fox showed   , Smith    and they chopped it.

Hand #77: Smith got a walk.

Hand #78: Gangaiah shoved the button and received no callers.

Hand #79: Fox shoved in the small blind and won the hand.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 3:45 PM Local Time
Hands #69-72: Trading Chips

Hand #69: Jeffrey Smith moved all in from the small blind to fold out the big blind

Hand #70: Smith raised to 2,500,000 from the button. Jayachandra Gangaiah called from the big blind. The flop came the    . Smith bet 2,500,000. Gangaiah called. The turn was the  . Smith fired another bet of 4,000,000 which folded out his opponent.

Hand #71: Gangaiah limped from the small blind and Smith checked. The board ran out       with both players checking it down and it was chopped up as both players held two undercards to the board.

Hand #72: Gangaiah raised to 2,500,000 from the button which was called by Jorden Fox in the big blind. The flop was the     both players checked. The turn was the   Fox bet 3,000,000 which was called by Gangaiah. The river was the  . Fox bet 5,000,000 and this time it was enough to get Gangaiah to fold his hand.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 3:38 PM Local Time
Hand #68: Jorden Fox Binks Two Queens To Flip The Table

Jorden Fox

Hand #68: Jorden Fox raised on the button to 2,800,000. Jeffrey Smith three-bet out of the big blind to 8,000,000. Fox waited a moment before moving all in and was snap called by Smith.

It was bad news for Fox as he was thoroughly dominated.


The flop provided slight hope as it came the    . The turn completely changed matters as the   clinked down to shouts of "Yes!" from Fox and his rail. The   on the river confirmed the huge double up for Fox and turned the chip count balance completely around.

Jorden Fox64,600,00030,300,000
Jeffrey Smith17,000,000-34,300,000
Tuesday, June 11, 2019 3:32 PM Local Time
Hand #67: Three Bet from Gangaiah

Hand #67: Jayachandra Gangaiah three-bet to 8 million, which was enough to take down the pot pre-flop.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 3:29 PM Local Time
Hands #63-66: No Flops

Hand #63: Jeffrey Smith limped and Jorden Fox checked. Smith bet 2,500,000 on the     flop and won it.

Hand #64: Fox raised to 2,800,000 in the small blind and won.

Hand #65: Gangaiah made it 2,500,000 in the small blind and won.

Hand #66: Fox got a walk.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 3:26 PM Local Time
Simon Legat Eliminated in 4th Place ($142,648)

Simon Legat

Hand #62: Simon Legat moved all in for 15,200,000 on the button. Jayachandra Gangaiah reshoved all in from the small blind and Jeffrey Smith folded the big blind.

Simon Legat:   
Jayachandra Gangaiah:   

The     flop gave the Frenchman some extra hope, but the outs wouldn't come through on the   turn and   river. Legat went off to collect $142,648 for finishing fourth.

Jeffrey Smith51,300,000300,000
Jayachandra Gangaiah44,520,0003,770,000
Jorden Fox34,300,0005,300,000
Simon Legat0-15,000,000
Tuesday, June 11, 2019 3:23 PM Local Time
Hands #57-61: Flop Shove from Legat

Hand #57: Simon Legat raised to 3,300,000 in the small blind and Jayachandra Gangaiah called the big blind. Legat shoved a little over 10,000,000 on the     flop and Gangaiah folded.

The blinds moved up to 600,000/1,200,000

Hand #58: Jorden Fox took it with an under-the-gun raise.

Hand #59: Legat made it 3,000,000 in the small blind and Jeffrey Smith folded.

Hand #60: Fox raised to 2,800,000 in the small blind and Legat folded the big.

Hand #61: Gangaiah got a walk.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 3:20 PM Local Time
Level 40 started
Level: 40
Blinds: 600000/1200000
Ante: 1200000
Tuesday, June 11, 2019 3:17 PM Local Time
Hands #55-56: Legat Doubles

Hand #55: Simon Legat moved all in from the big blind after being raised by Jorden Fox from the small blind and Fox called the all in.


The board stayed safe for Legat as it came the       and Legat doubled up.

Hand #56: Legat moved all in from the small blind and the big blind folded.

Jorden Fox29,000,000-7,100,000
Simon Legat15,000,0007,300,000
Tuesday, June 11, 2019 3:11 PM Local Time
Marco Garcia Eliminated in 5th Place ($106,917)

Marco Garcia

Hand #54: From the button, Jayachandra Gangaiah raised to 2,100,000. Marco Garcia moved all in from the small blind which was called by Gangaiah.


Garcia would need help but the board did not deliver when it ran out the       to eliminate him in 5th place.

Jayachandra Gangaiah40,750,00012,750,000
Marco Garcia0-12,750,000
Tuesday, June 11, 2019 3:07 PM Local Time
Hands #50-53: Raise and Take It

Hand #50: Raise and take it from Jeffrey Smith.

Hand #51: Smith raised to 2,200,000 from the button and folded everyone out.

Hand #52: Smith raised to 2,200,000 from the cutoff, which won the hand.

Hand #53: Jorden Fox raised to 2,500,000 from the cutoff which folded the table out.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 3:03 PM Local Time
Hands #48-49: Legat Shoves

Hand #48: Jorden Fox made it 2,100,000 and won the hand.

Hand #49: Simon Legat shoved all in for 5,200,000 and everyone folded, including big blind Jeffrey Smith.

"You have to call man," Fox pointed and laughed to Smith.

Jeffrey Smith51,000,0007,000,000
Jorden Fox36,100,000-100,000
Simon Legat7,700,000-4,300,000
Tuesday, June 11, 2019 3:01 PM Local Time
Ryan Teves Eliminated in 6th Place ($80,760)

Ryan Teves

Hand #47: Jayachandra Gangaiah raised to 2,000,000 from under the gun and Jorden Fox called on the button. Ryan Teves three-bet shoved 7,600,000 from the big blind, Gangaiah shoved as well and Fox folded.

"I folded queen-jack," Fox announced.

Ryan Teves:   
Jayachandra Gangaiah:   

The flop came down     to keep Gangaiah in the lead.

"There's my queen-jack," Fox laughed.

The turn was the  , giving Gangaiah a set but Teves a flush draw.

"Come on baby, heart one time," Teves begged.

The prayers were left unanswered as the   rolled off on the river, ending his deep run in fifth place.

Jayachandra Gangaiah28,000,0006,000,000
Ryan Teves0-7,500,000
Tuesday, June 11, 2019 2:55 PM Local Time
Hands #41-46: Smith Gaining

Hand #41: Jeffrey Smith raised, everyone folded.

Hand #42: Smith raised to 2,200,000 from early position and everyone else folded.

Hand #43: Ryan Teves moved all in from the button, which generated folds from the blinds

Hand #44: Walk for Smith

Hand #45: Smith raised to 2,500,000 from the small blind and he won the blinds and ante.

Hand #46: From early position, Jayachandra Gangaiah raised to 2,100,000. Jeffrey Smith three-bet on the button to 5,300,000. Gangaiah accidentally tossed in his chips for the call out of turn before Simon Ledat folded. Ledat waited a bit after Gangaiah was reprimanded before actually folding. Gangaiah then called. The flop came the    . Smith bet 5,000,000 which folded out Gangaiah.

Jeffrey Smith44,000,0006,500,000
Jayachandra Gangaiah22,000,000-4,000,000