Qui Nguyen

Age: 39
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Occupation: Professional Poker Player/Gambler
Marital Status: Married
WSOP Earnings: $9,029
WSOP Cashes: 1
WSOP Final Tables: 0
Best Previous Main Event Finish: N/A
*All stats are prior to 2016 Main Event


Qui Nguyen is the only November Niner with home field advantage. Nguyen, who was born in Saigon, Vietnam, now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. He will enter the final table second in chips after relinquishing the chip lead to Cliff Josephy 13 hands before the halt of play in July. Nguyen is a professional poker player and has one WSOP cash that came in 2009 in a $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em event. He finished 54th for $9,029.

Nguyen says that he has been keeping a low profile during the break before the start of the final table.

“I pretty much spend lots of time with family and close friends, went to California for a few days with family and came back, but that's about it,” said Nguyen.

Road to the Final Table:

Nguyen had the biggest Day 7 of anyone, making the jump from 25th in chips to second. Before Day 7 he remained mostly under the radar. He finished Day 5 in the middle of the pack with a stack just under the tournament average. Early on Day 6 Nguyen moved up near the top of the chip counts after he eliminated Tyler Hancock in 63rd place with a rivered full house. If Nguyen would have lost the hand he would have been left with just three big blinds and would have had to climb out of a deep hole to make it to the November Nine. After that hand, Nguyen’s stack went in the wrong direction, but he was able to survive the entire day and bag chips. He bagged 25th out of 27 remaining players at the end of Day 6.

Nguyen hung tough on the early parts of Day 7 by stealing blinds and antes to maintain his short stack. On the third level of the day (Level 33), Nguyen was finally able to escape his short stack and double up through Michael Ruane, who was the chip leader at the time. Nguyen used the momentum from that hand to continue to grow his chip stack. The next level (Level 34), Nguyen went on a rampage busting three players in a row.

After those three eliminations Nguyen became the chip leader. He held onto the chip lead until Josephy passed him with 10 players left.

Final Table Position:

Nguyen is headed to the final table with 67,925,000 chips (135 bbs). He is seated between the biggest stack and the smallest stack. The chip leader, Cliff Josephy is on his left with 74,600,000 in chips (149 bbs). To his right is Fernando Pons, who is the shortest stack with 6,150,000 (12 bbs).

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