As the 47th year of WSOP bracelets being presented is upon us, will this be your country’s year?
91% of poker’s most sought-after gold bracelets have been handed out to players representing 5 countries, with the United States paving the way with 1013. However, the real battle is down at the bottom of the list where 13 different countries are hoping for someone to bring home a second gold bracelet. Join the action, and help your country move up in the rankings.



The big 5 all-time bracelet winners by country include:

  • United States (1013 bracelets)
  • Canada (53 bracelets)
  • United Kingdom (42 bracelets)
  • Germany (24 bracelets)
  • Australia (18 bracelets)


Countries missing in action without a bracelet include:

  • China
  • Columbia
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Singapore


At the World Series of Poker, anything can happen at any time. The nationwide rivalry will always be on our radar. Will you be the reason for a country wide celebration?

View the breakdown of bracelet winners in the US by state