Choctaw Durant (17 January 2023) - The WSOP Circuit Choctaw Durant Main Event has reached its conclusion. After 5 days of action that saw 1,491 entries create a prizepool of $2,258,865, there was only player left standing at the end to claim the grand prize of $357,269.

Chase Davis of Wichita, KS claimed his first Circuit ring after a wild final table that saw him go from second shortest stack to start the day to champion. 

Davis was on the verge of elimination in 8th place early in the day, but binked a river ten to stay alive. He would also double with big pairs on a few other occasions. Three-handed he would slay aces with ace-jack to take the overwhelming chip lead into heads-up play. 

"I came into the day planning to avoid the two massive stacks and attack some of the newer players with the middling stacks close to mine and that out worked pretty well. I was able to battle these guys and stay out of the way. Then the big stacks had their blunders against other players and I sort of laid low until the last half of the table where I gained some steam." Davis explained in a brief table synopsis afterwards. 

This win is by far Davis's largest of his career as it is more than triple his total career earnings of just over $100,000 prior to this. As things got later in the night, Davis openly admitted to his tablemates that he cared more about the money than the ring or the title. 

"I'm still super pumped to have it! At the end of the day, I play poker for the money, that's what I care about. But once it (the title) became attainable, it sort of flipped around and I am super excited to have a ring and be able to play in the tournament of champions". 

In addition to the ring and entry into the tournament of champions, Davis's image will now hang on a banner amongst the other Main Event winners in the Choctaw Durant auditorium for years to come, immortalizing his win.

Final Table Results

1. Chase Davis - $357,269
2. Jonathan Dull - $220,809
3. Sayed "Mo" Khan - $164,596
4. Alex Nguyen - $123,937
5. Nathan Russler - $94,277
6. Jay Nguyen - $72,457
7. Justin Lapka - $56,269
8. Nicholas Tucker - $44,159
9. Robert "Mike" Champion - $35,025

The day began with two dominant stacks, but neither one would take firm control of the table. It took over an hour for Robert "Mike" Champion to go out in ninth.

Another hour would pass before Nicholas Tucker got his payout slip for eighth place and his first recorded tournament result.

Justin Lapka entered the day as one of the two massive stacks, but he was never able to get anything going as his stack went down throughout the day before he eventually went out in seventh.

Jay Nguyen was the other big stack to start the day but he would become the next player to go as he lost a few key pots to lose his grip on his stack. Regardless it was a memorable run for the usual cash game player as he played the role of Nostradamus, winning a cash that came very close to the foreseen amount in his prophecy-like dream. 

From there the eliminations got quicker as Nathan Russler hit the rail next in fifth place and Alex Nguyen went out in fourth place a few hands later after having made a nice recover from being don to as low as 4 big blinds from a brutal set-over-set hit late on Day 2. 

Dinner break would come before three-handed play began and the three remaining players would come back from dinner all in a jovial mood and ready to play for a title. Sayeed Khan had the chip lead for some of the day and was poised to take control three-handed before his aces were cracked by ace-jack in the aforementioned huge hand to go out in third place.

Jonathan Dull has a day to remember as he was able to take control of the table early on in the day, taking the chip lead through aggressive play. He held that chip lead for much of the table as he continued to drive the action. But he would enter heads-up play at a large chip disadvantage and eventually finish as runner-up after just a few hands.