Lincoln, California (11 October 2022) - Robert “Zach” Grossglauser is the Main Event champion of the largest WSOP Circuit Main Event in the host property’s history. Outlasting a historic field of 726 entrants, Grossglauser claimed the largest piece of the $1,099,890 prizepool: $205,203. Not only did the local lobbyist win his biggest tournament to date, but he also punched his ticket to the 2023 WSOP Tournament of Champions.
It seemed like Grossglauser could not lose throughout the final two days of the Thunder Valley Main Event. Not only did Grossglauser demonstrate his poker abilities with well-placed aggression and bluffing capabilities, but he would also get the exact cards he needed to eliminate and double through his opponents. Both skill and luck are requirements to winning massive field poker tournaments, and Grossglauser put on an amazing display in both areas.
To succeed in anything in life, you need a proper gameplanand mindset. After putting his gameplan and mindset to good use, Grossglauser was willing to share what strategy he put into place to finish at the top of the field.
“It was a tough three days,” Grossglauser said. “Coming into day two I was at about 25th place, so not that high up on the board. I waited for the the right cards and the right spots to come, I think the biggest key for me in this tournament was never looking at the pay jumps. I never really looked at the money bubble or worried about where I was in regards to chip average. I just played my hands and tried to stay focused.”
Although Grossglauser maintained focus and drive throughout his Main Event campaign, he could not help but notice the talent around him at the poker table.
“On day one I was doing really good against everyone at the table except of Rayo Kniep,” Grossglauser recounted. “I gave him 170,000 which was an extreme amount of chips at that point in the tournament. It was just an amazing field, you look around and see a dude with over a million or two million in cashes. My biggest cash was $15,000 before this so to me it was crazy.”
Although Grossglauser would have to face the skillful field on his own, during the later part of the Main Event final table he would be accompanied by friends on the rail. When asked what they would be doing to celebrate, the Thunder Valley Main Event champion had a simple answer.
“My buddies are all right here, so we are probably just going to go grab some dinner and celebrate.”
Final Table Results:
1st Place: Robert Grossglauser - $205,203
2nd Place: Randall Chamberlain - $126,828
3rd Place - Jared Smith - $93,657
4th Place - Altynai Fung - $69,938
5th Place - Paul Richardson - $52,820
6th Place - Michael Loncar - $40,329
7th Place - Phaly Nou - $31,181
8th Place - Kristen Deardorff - $24,380
9th Place - Brian Battistone - $19,289
Day Three Action
The final day of the Thunder Valley Circuit Main Event saw 14 players return to the casino’s poker room with hopes of WSOP glory and the $205,203 top prize. 
It did not take long for chips to move during the final day of the Thunder Valley Main Event, as eventual final tablist Antonio Aros would send Thunder Valley regular Richard Spirra to the cage early hitting a lucky flopped deuce    versus   .
Eventual Main Event winner Robert Grossglauser would not be the only one to hit lucky outs, as final tablist Brian Battistone would hit an improbable outer on the river to send fellow poker player Kevin Turner packing in 13th place. After flopping top pair with   , Battistone would shove only to be called by Turner holding   . Battistone was dead to rights, only to flop an   on the river to keep his WSOP Circuit ring hopes alive. 
Near the final table bubble, German poker pro Rayo Kniep had the incredibly tough decision of what to do with his paired ace. After local player Phaly “Buddha” Nou put Kniep all-in on the turn, Kniep made the crying call sharing how badly he wanted to make the final table. Wanting to make the final table would not be enough, as Nou would reveal the better kicker to the paired ace, eliminating Kniep from the tournament.
Final Table Action
It was truly a stiff final table, as not only did the Thunder Valley Main Event final table feature popular pros, but it also featured a Circuit Main event champion. Paul Richardson would make an appearance at the final table, making this the fifth time he has made the final table at the Thunder Valley Circuit Main Event.
First to leave the final table was poker pro Christina “Baby Shark” Gollins, whose    would run into Paul Richardson’s pocket queens with no ace or king on the flop, turn, nor river.
Despite finding some double ups early in day three and wearing his lucky robe, popular poker streamer Michael Loncar would be bounced in 6th place after running into a better pocket pair preflop against eventual top three finisher Jared Smith.
Being the eventual 2022 Thunder Valley Circuit Main Event champion, it would make sense that Robert “Zach” Grossglauser would be the one to eliminate former champion Paul Richardson. After limping from the small blind, Richardson induced a raise from Glossglauser. Wanting to show the Glossglauser what it took to be a champion, Richardson went all-in holding   . Grossglauser would make the call with pocket sixes, and although Richardson would hit the   on the flop, the   on the river would send Richardson home with his fifth Thunder Valley Circuit Main Event cash
The final table would remain three handed for quite some time, featuring eventual champion Rob Grossglauser as well as Randall Chamberlain and Reno-based grinder Jared Smith. Although Smith would get it in good preflop holding    against Grossglauser’s   , the momentum on the eventual champion’s side was enough to producee the   on the flop and eliminate Smith.
During head’s-up play, Randall Chamberlain would give eventual champion Grossglauser a run for his money finding multiple double-ups. After doubling up several times, Chamberlain would get it in good when he moved all-in after a preflop three-bet from Grossglauser. Although Chamberlain held    against Grossglauser’s   , fate seemed to be on Grossglauser’s side as the   on the flop would be enough to award him the Circuit Main Event championship.
That wraps up Main Event coverage on the tail end of an exciting and eventful WSOP Circuit stop at Thunder Valley! Make sure to tune in for our coverage of the Isle of Capri WSOP Circuit Main Event beginning October 20th!