Victor Paredes takes down $1,700 Main Event to earn his first WSOP gold ring coupled with $169,294.

Lincoln, Calif. (January 24 2022) - The final day of the World Series of Poker Circuit at Thunder Valley Main Event has come to its conclusion after about nine hours of final table play. Victor Paredes of Modesto, CA, emerged as the winner to earn his first ring, $169,294 and to get "get the monkey off of his back" by getting a win at what he considers his home casino. 

"I have won a lot of tournaments but I have never won one here. Vegas, Reno,,, everywhere, except here, which doesn't make any sense because it's only an hour and half away. So it's been frustrating. But to finally get it done at the Main Event is a huge relief and excitement". said Paredes following his win.

This victory gives Paredes his largest victory of his poker career so far, his previous highest score being for $78,604 as the runner up in a WSOP NLH/Omaha mix event in October. 

"I can't give away my secrets. But I am a lot better now than I used to be. I saw the same guys always winning here in Thunder Valley and I thought they have to be doing something. And I figured out what that was and now here I am" he said in reference to his recent good run of results. 

Run to the Title:

Paredes's path to the title was a bit unusual as he re-entered late on Day 1A after not initially planning to do so after his bust earlier in the day. But a long wait line at the cash tables sent him back for another try in the Main Event, which would ultimately become a fateful decision.

Paredes would stay steady on Day 2 where he was never a huge stack but still was able to fight his way to the final table and then from there execute his strategy, which he said included staying wary of one particular player at the final table who he considered dangerous and ultimately taking control three-handed after rising up from being the short stack at five-handed play. 

Final Table Action:

The day began with nine players and was very quickly reduced to seven as Brian Foley's short stack was knocked out in the first few hands and Dong Meng followed him out the door in 8th when his queens ran into kings.

Vishnu Chada would then be eliminated in 7th place and Salam Alas hit the rail in 6th. 

The only WSOPC ring winner at the table, Lian Liu was eliminated in 5th place before the start of the day chip leader and headliner Jerry Yang was knocked out in 4th place. Yang started the day well and continued to add to his chip lead in the first half of the table but he was greatly wounded when he flopped the low end of a straight but was outdone on the river by a higher straight as he missed the chance to become the overwhelming chip leader had his hand held. From there his stack continued to shrink and he eventually succumbed in 4th. 

Play would slow down significantly when three-handed as it took almost two hours for the next elimination as Feiyue Wu was eliminated. From there the coast seemed to be clear for Paredes who had built a big chip lead and heads up was made to be quick work when Paredes woke up with pocket aces to finish off Garret Anaya, who recorded his first tournament poker result in some style with an impressive 2nd place finish.