Just a couple of weeks ago, Jeffrey Trudeau grabbed his 6th Circuit ring and final tabled three events at WSOP Circuit stop at the Ameristar St. Charles. Today, his heater continues at the Seminole Coconut Creek as he collects his seventh Circuit ring through his victory in Event #9: $2,200 High Roller.

Trudeau bested a field of 73 players to become the newest High Roller Champion of the World Series of Poker Circuit. Along with the title, he collects the top-prize $46,363 and he now has a total $886,228 in WSOP cashes.

“I feel pretty good. I just played and ran really well during the final table. I had some very fortunate spots,” Trudeau said after his victory.

Trudeau started the final table as the chip leader but he had to outlast tough players to end up at the finish line. Indeed, four of the nine finalists were WSOP Circuit champions, striving for another title.

“There were a lot of tough players. I was just trying to play my best.”

However, there were no big hurdles on Trudeau's way to victory as he never lost composure and remained between the top two spots during the final table.

When the heads-up portion of play started, he found himself battling against bracelet and ring winner David Prociak. Prociak had a two to one chip lead but Trudeau took his time and picked his spot carefully to double up. He eventually did so with a pair of sixes against Prociak’s ace-three. Although, he was still the shorter stack, he kept on winning pots and grinding his way back up, eventually taking over the lead.

In the final hand, Trudeau limped with ace-six and Prociak three-bet with ace-king. Trudeau moved all in and Prociak snap-called with his last twenty big blinds. Although Prociak was ahead, Trudeau flopped two pair to eliminate Prociak and emerge victorious.

Final Table Action

Jason Shinbaum was the first casualty of the final table. In a four-way pot, Shinbaum moved all in on the flop with two pair and was called by David Prociak who had a flush draw. The turn gave Prociak a flush and Shinbaum couldn’t improve on the river, heading to the rail in 9th place.

John Corsi was the next player to head to the exit. Corsi only had five big blinds left and needed a spot to double up. He moved all in under the gun with ace-ten and got called by Sam Panzica who held queen-five suited. Panzica flopped a pair of queens to take the lead and that ended Shinbaum’s run in 8th place.

Corsi was followed the payout desk by Nicholas Visconti. Visconti only had three big blinds left. He shoved from the small blind with a pair of threes only to get snap-called by Chad Eveslage who had fours in the big blind. The board was of no help to Visconti and he was eliminated in 7th place.

Soon after eliminating Corsi, Eveslage headed to the rail in 6th place. After a raise from Prociak, Eveslage three-bet shoved for around 18 big blinds with a pair of sixes. Jeffrey Trudeau reshoved with ace-queen and Prociak let it go. It was a typical flip but Trudeau made a flush to rake in the pot.

Brett Bader was Trudeau’s next victim. Trudeau opened and Bader jammed for 10 big blinds with eights. Trudeau snap-called with kings and stayed ahead to send Bader to the exit in 5th place.

Sam Panzica was sent packing in 4th place. He limped from the small blind with ace-six suited and Prociak raised with a pair of sevens. Panzica responded by moving all in and Prociak called for less and doubled up. Panzica was left with two big blinds and headed to the exit the very next hand.

Carlos Guerrero’s deep run ended in 3rd place. Prociak limped with aces and Guerrero raised with queens. Prociak moved all in and Guerrero called with his last chips. Prociak made sixes full of aces to win the pot.

David Prociak was the runner-up of the tournament. Trudeau limped with ace-six and Prociak raised with ace-king. Trudeau responded by moving all in for his last 17 bigs and Trudeau made the call. Trudeau flopped two pair and Prociak couldn't recover and headed to the payout desk to cash out his 2nd place finish.

Final Table Results:

1st place: Jeffrey Trudeau - $46,363
2nd place: David Prociak - $28,655
3rd place: Carlos Guerrero - $18,984
4th place: Sam Panzica - $13,108
5th place: Brett Bader - $9,451
6th place: Chad Eveslage - $7,128
7th place: Nicholas Visconti - $5,636
8th place: John Corsi - $4,683
9th place: Jason Shinbaum - $4,100

Other notables who took a shot at the High Roller but couldn’t cash include Cord Garcia, Jake Schwartz, Timothy Miles, and Ian O’Hara.

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