Michael Pearson wins the Lake Tahoe Main Event for $133,285; Adam Owen is the Casino Champion

4 November 2019 (Lake Tahoe, NV) - The World Series of Poker Circuit $1,700 Main Event at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe accumulated 424 entries for a prize pool of $642,360 and it was 32-year-old Michael Pearson who took the title. He earned $133,285 for his second WSOP Circuit ring, and denied Jeremy Kottler his second career ring in the process.

Coming into Day 3, Pearson sat in 7th of 10 players, but that was after coming back from being down to four big blinds on Day 2. When asked about the overall feel of the final table, Pearson was surprised at the pace of play and acknowledged the caliber of the remaining field. “It was tough. I did not like my seat draw at all. I just tried to be patient. Chips moved surprisingly fast at the beginning of the day.”

Kottler pocketed $82,379 for his deep run after a dominating final table performance. He adds a nice chunk of change to his $1.5 million in earnings and will have to wait to add more hardware to his collection.

Lake Tahoe Main Event Final Table Results:

1st: Michael Pearson - $133,285 + Circuit ring + 2020 GCC Seat
2nd: Jeremy Kottler - $82,379
3rd: Charles Coultas - $59,824
4th: Joe Brindle - $44,058
5th: Mitch Garshofsky - $32,911
6th: Joshua Burkhalter - $24,942
7th: Nick Pupillo - $19,182
8th: Lee Markholt - $14,972
9th: Wes Nally - $11,864

This Circuit stop saw many players becoming multiple ring winners, including Stephen Foutty (5), Jasthi Kumar (3), Michael Pearson (2), Iris Angeleri (2), Adam Owen (2) and Harley Wilmot (2).

First-time ring winners included the likes of Ed Miller, Dan O’Brien, John Hollingsworth, Sam Cosby, Alex Greenblatt, and Vincent Lavia.

And finally, the title of Casino Champion belongs to Adam Owen in a race that came down to the final event. Owen won his second career WSOP Circuit ring in Event #3, defending his title from exactly one year ago. He then went on to cash four more times after that, coming in second place to John Hollingsworth in Event #7. The British pro made four final tables out of five cashes. While Steve Foutty won two rings and cashed six times for $26,451, the race was won by Owen by just five points.

Owen racked up 130 points along with $36,535 in earnings across the series. He has won himself a seat into the 2020 Global Casino Championship next August.

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Completed Events

Event #1: $400 No-Limit Hold'em Double Stack - Ed Miller topped a field of 237 entries to win $18,369
Official Report | Winners PhotoResults

Event #2: $400 No-Limit Hold'em - Iris Angeleri topped a field of 196 entries to win $15,947
Official Report | Winners Photo | Results

Event #3: $400 No-Limit Hold'em - Adam Owen topped a field of 401 entries to win $22,380
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Seniors Event I - Harley Wilmot topped a field of 294 entries to win $13,387
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Event #4: $400 No-Limit Hold'em - Jasthi Kumar topped a field of 126 entries to win $11,328
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Event #5: $400 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed - Dan O'Brien topped a field of 205 entries to win $16,543
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Event #6: $250 Pot-Limit Omaha - Stephen Foutty topped a field of 137 entries to win $7,256
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Event #7: $400 No-Limit Hold'em 8-Handed - John Hollingsworth topped a field of 205 entries to win $16,540
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Event #8: $400 No-Limit Hold'em Monster Stack - Sam Cosby topped a field of 334 entries to win $24,270
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Event #9: $600 No-Limit Hold'em - Alex Greenblatt topped a field of 183 entries to win $23,678
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Event #11: $400 No-Limit Hold'em - Stephen Foutty topped a field of 165 entries to win $14,104
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Event #12: $400 No-Limit Hold'em - Vincent Lavia topped a field of 164 entries to win $14,018
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Seniors Event II - Nicholas Juvet topped a field of 182 entries to win $9,146
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Event #13: $400 No-Limit Hold'em Double Stack - Harley Wilmot topped a field of 191 entries to win $15,694
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About the Winners

Event #1 - Ed MillerAfter a hard-fought battle on a tough final table, Ed Miller wins his first ever World Series of Poker Circuit ring and $18,369. Miller topped a field of 237 entries, taking home the bulk of the $78,210 prize pool.

 “I don’t play a whole lot of ring events so it’s pretty cool. I only come up here and down to Thunder Valley.” This is far from Miller’s biggest score, as the recreational tournament player has almost $500,000 in earnings with two six-figure cashes. “I’ve been married for 30 years this year, two awesome kids and I’m really blessed with an awesome family. Poker’s just for fun,” said a smiling Miller.

The final table was full of phenomenal players, but Miller went wire-to-wire to take down the whole thing. “I do zero training. I read people for a living – I’ve been in sales my whole life. So, reading people and getting lucky doesn’t hurt.”

Event #2 - Iris Angeleri: Another stacked final table in Lake Tahoe meant another formidable battle for this stop’s second winner. This time it was Iris Angeleri who was victorious in Event #2, earning her second World Series of Poker Circuit ring and $15,947. Angeleri’s last ring came in the 2013/2014 WSOP Circuit season.

Angeleri had her supportive husband, Robert, on the rail and before this win, the two of them had one Circuit ring each. “We’re always back and forth on who has the better record,” laughed Angeleri.

The two-time champion is a realtor by day but is still very much consistently on the poker grind. “I play as much as I can here and there between work. I just try to study when I can and play online. I study as much as I can. Just blogs online, videos, YouTube and Instagram.”

Event #3: Adam Owen: After a dominating performance, Adam Owen has defended his title in Event #3 in Lake Tahoe, earning his second career World Series of Poker Circuit ring and $22,380. Owen held a commanding lead at the end of Day 1 and never looked back.

“I just had the best hand a lot,” laughed Owen. “The guys on my left were pretty aggressive – they made it pretty tough. I was just winning all-ins basically.”

The poker pro from the United Kingdom has been racking up a lot of wins across the pond lately. “The last couple of years I’ve spent a little more time here (United States), Mexico and Canada,” said Owen. He has accumulated almost $3.5 million in live career earnings, and now has 11 recorded wins.

“It feels very cool. The trophy is always up top as well as the money, so you’re always cheering for first place. It does feel nice to win stuff and have your friends watching,” smiled Owen.

Event #4: Jasthi Kumar: After an epic heads-up battle, Jasthi Kumar was the last player standing in Event #4. He earned $11,328 for the win, but more importantly he won his third career World Series of Poker Circuit ring.

Sergio Vargas came back from a 10-to-1 deficit during heads-up play. “He was behind every single time he was all in and he won all four times,” laughed a relieved Kumar. “From the time we were in the money it was a smooth ride, but before that I was struggling. It feels great – really great. A win is a win.”

Kumar is a recreational player but makes his rounds near home, playing whenever he gets a chance. “Those (trophies and rings) are more important to me, otherwise I wouldn’t play these tournaments. I would like to play bigger tournaments, but I cannot take off from work.”

Event #5: Dan O'Brien: Out of a field of 205 entries in the 6-Handed event, Dan O’Brien was the last player standing. He earned $16,543 for his win, along with his first ever World Series of Poker Circuit ring. Not only did he top his second place finish in yesterday’s event, but he also denied Dustin Fox his third ring in the very same event for what would have been the third year in a row.

“It’s sick. I actually forgot that I was getting a ring. It’s honestly really great to play with Dustin heads up,” smiled O’Brien. “I haven’t been playing as much poker, but I’m playing local stuff. I’m not traveling. This is a mile away, and it’s cool. Honestly, I’m really excited about this. It’s a really fantastic feeling.”

O’Brien has amassed almost $3.5 million in live recorded earnings across his career, and is also an avid cash game player.

Event #6: Stephen Foutty: After a rollercoaster of a final table, Stephen Foutty sealed the deal, winning his fourth World Series of Poker Circuit ring. Foutty earned himself $7,256 and booked his 68thcareer WSOP cash. This is also his third Circuit victory in Lake Tahoe.

“It’s been a while,” said a relieved Foutty. “I play a little bit of (Omaha) cash – I’m not that great to be honest. I try to just pick my spots well.” Foutty was the shortest stack three-handed, but eventually made a big comeback.

Foutty doesn’t travel much for poker, and prefers to play around Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas and Los Angeles when grinding out tournaments. Even though there are tons of training sites and coaches available in the poker community, Foutty prefers his own methods. “I just stick with my feel of the game and it works out well for me.” 

Event #7: John Hollingsworth: “It feels great. Really good. I’ve been playing poker since I was really, really young. In my early 20’s I started realizing tournaments are way more fun. I don’t really play cash games. Tournaments are where it’s at for me,” smiled the newly crowned champion.

In talking about how poker has gotten tougher with training sites and solvers, Hollingsworth focuses on online content. “One thing that’s been really helpful for me is just examining content from people who are doing a lot of online play. When I was having a long run of online stuff Jason Somerville was a big one. Doug Polk. All of their analytic breakdowns have been really helpful for me.”

Event #8: Sam Cosby: Sam Cosby is the latest winner in Lake Tahoe, topping a field of 334 entries to win $24,270 and his first ever World Series of Poker Circuit ring in the Monster Stack. “I don’t wanna get too excited about it, because if I want this to be the first of many, I wanna keep my head level. I don’t wanna get all blown up about winning a ring. It feels great to win,” said a humble Cosby.

Cosby is most well known in the poker world as part of the media, but recently transitioned to the other side of the felt. “I don’t really do anything else. This is basically what I do now. I do love the live reporting side. I won’t lie and say I don’t miss it because I do. I’m a poker fanboy at heart,” smiled Cosby.  “A lot of poker dealers and poker reporters are people that wanna be close to poker. They’re either poker fans or poker dreamers. I’ve always wanted to make a run at it and now we’re making a run at it.”

Last year, Cosby was part of the media at this very same Circuit stop but had to leave suddenly due to the passing of his dog, Winnie. “Coming back and winning a ring a year later feels great.”

In talking about his poker goals, Cosby has his sights on something bigger than a Circuit ring. “I wanna qualify for the Global Casino Championship – that’s my big goal for the year. I think I have a good shot at it now.”

Event #9: Alex Greenblatt: Alex Greenblatt came back on Day 2 with the chip lead in Event #9 with just three players remaining and sealed the deal in 45 minutes. The latest World Series of Poker Circuit champion topped a field of 183 entries to win $23,678 and his first ring.

“It feels great,” smiled Greenblatt. The poker pro from Santa Clara is a familiar face on the Circuit and has amassed just shy of $1.5 million in live tournament earnings. This is his 40th career WSOP cash and sixth final table.

In discussing the game of poker, Greenblatt focuses on playing on his schedule. “Just trying to play when you wanna play and not forcing it, you know. Really have the desire, not just playing because you feel like you need to.”

What’s next for Greenblatt may end up being outside of the poker world for the foreseeable future. “I’m actually trying to get out of poker. I’m gonna try to go back to school. MBA is my plan right now. I just don’t wanna be downswinging when I’m like 45 and have no options,” smiled Greenblatt. 

Event #11: Stephen Foutty: Another day, another win for Stephen Foutty. This time it was in Event #11 for 14,104, his fifth career World Series of Poker Circuit ring and second of the week. Foutty defeated Tim Enterline heads up for the title, and took over the Casino Champion race by a small margin.

“It feels good. I jumped in late in level seven - I was actually sleeping in my room. I wasn’t going to play this. I was just gonna save my energy for tomorrow, and then I realized I was in the points race and I said I gotta at least try. So I came down in the seventh level and here I am,” explained Foutty.

Foutty knew he would take over the points race with a win, and navigated there on his own terms. “I pretty much just small balled my way to the win. I didn’t take any high variance spots.”

Event #12: Vincent Lavia: After 10 hours of play, Vinnie Lavia booked his first career tournament win in Event #12 at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe. “It feels wonderful. It’s a lot of hard work out here today. This is only my third World Series of Poker tournament,” smiled a proud Lavia. The newly crowned champion pocketed $14,018 for his third cash.

Lavia is a police officer by day and doesn’t play much poker. “Mostly tournaments, sometimes cash games. I never win, but it’s still fun. It’s entertaining,” laughed Lavia.

In what is clearly a proud moment for the recreational player from Scottsdale, Lavia is excited to sport his new hardware. “It’s pretty cool. I’m gonna make sure I wear it everyday. Show it off. Make sure everyone knows I’m a poker champion.”

Event #13: Harley Wilmot: In the very last event of the World Series of Poker Circuit stop at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe, Harley Wilmot topped a field of 191 entries to take the title and $15,694. Wilmot won the Seniors I event last week for $13,387 and defeated a field of 294 entries, making this his second WSOP Circuit ring.

“This is fun, but the first one (ring) was the best one,” explained Wilmot. He has gone deep in a handful of seniors events prior to his win last week, and he finally sealed the deal. “To finally get it off my back – it was fun.”

“I went into service when I was 17 and that’s when I started playing poker. Texas Hold’em wasn’t even heard of. Five card draw or stud – that was the big thing,” said Wilmot. After 60 years of playing poker, Wilmot was able to secure his first and second wins in Lake Tahoe, bringing his live earnings to over $70,000. This is also his biggest career cash.