Ryan Eriquezzo is last man standing of 357 player field, adds ring number four to his resume.

March 18, 2019 (Harrah's Atlantic City) - The latest winner in the World Series of Poker Circuit is Ryan Eriquezzo (pictured), who has taken down the Harrah's Atlantic City Main Event for $124,397! This first place finish adds ring number four to Eriquezzo's resume, and also brings his life time WSOP career earnings to just under a million. He will also be automatically given a 2019 Global Casino Championship to go along with his six figure cash.

There was a total of 357 entry slips sold for the $1,700 main event, with just nine of those slips making it to the final day. Eriquezzo sat down on Day 3 in the middle of the pack, hovering around that position until the table dropped down to the final six, where his short-handed game started to shine. The Danbury, Connecticut native shifted into aggressive mode and the run-good followed as he built up a lead that could not be overtaken.

Denis Gnidash was one player who seemed to constantly be in a jousting match with Eriquezzo, the two battled through out the final table and it would only be proper fitting for them to be take part in the heads-up match for the title. Eriquezzo started heads-up play with a massive chip advantage but Gnidash doubled up almost instantly with kings, almost evening out the playing field. Eriquezzo showed no sign of distress as he continued his aggressive play, grinding Gnidash's stack down a little bit at a time. 

Heads-up play would come to a halt after just one hour of play, when Eriquezzo would open from the button and Gnidash would defend. Gnidash would check-raise all in, on a nine high board with top pair, but would be in a horrible position as Eriquezzo had flopped a straight. Gnidash would be drawing dead after the turn hit and would pocket himself a respectable $76,904 for his efforts.

The tournament started on Friday, bringing in 141 entries on Day 1A. Hamid Izadi would be the biggest stack of the 31 that bagged up by the end of the night. Day 1B grabbed 216 entries, with Anthony Maio finding the biggest stack from the 48 that advanced out of that flight.

The Second day played 10, 60-minute levels before tagging and bagging for the final day. Nine players returned for the final day with Renata Colache leading the way. The lead would jump from player to player until it was given to Eriquezzo, and he never gave it back, after almost six level of play he would secure all the chips, sending Denis Gnidash out in second.

That wraps it up for the Harrah's Atlantic City main event of the 2018-19 circuit season. Stay tuned to WSOP.com for the results of the remaining events.


Official Final Table Results:

1st - Ryan Eriquezzo - $124,397
2nd - Denis Gnidash - $76,904
3rd - Kurt Lichtman - $56,103
4th - Richard Hanheide - $41,613
5th - Ryan McKinght - $31,348
6th - John Forlenza - $23,976
7th - Ross Gottlieb - $18,605
8th - Renata Colache - $14,646
9th - Daniel Park - $11,693