The two starting flights are complete for the $1,700 WSOP Circuit Main Event at the Bicycle Hotel and Casino.

Sunday's Day 1A flight generated 280 entries, and another 398 joined Monday's Day 1B to bring the total field to 678 across both. With 66 players bagging in Flight A and 79 in Flight B there are 145 survivors for Day 2. 

Glen Cressman bagged up a massive stack of 696,000 chips to set the pace after Day his lead was not surpassed during Day 1B's session. Andrew Moreno (pictured) finishe 1A, andd Day 1B with 504,000, with Cressman holding the overall chip lead heading into Day 2.

Here's the top five:

1. Glen Cressman - 696,000
2. Andrew Moreno - 504,000
3. Mel Wiener - 460,000
4. Sean Yu - 396,000
5. Scott Stewart - 362,000

Gold Bracelet and gold ring winners littered the field with two in the top five alone. 

Mohsin Charania (327,000), Mike Wang (256,500), Ankush Mandavia (254,500), Anthony Marquez (141,500), Kevin Eyster (115,500), Phil Laak (94,000), Ben Yu (64,500), Nipun Java (58,000), and Ben Keeline (56,000) are among the other bracelet winners who advanced through the Day 1 flights.

Other notable players lucky enough to make it through include Matthew Wantman (291,500), Javid Javani (271,500), Brendan Baksh, Adam Levy (152,000), Zach Gruneberg (139,000), and Adam Hendrix (118,000).

These notables will be fighting it out on Tuesday as well as some circuit ring winners such as Scott Stewart (362,500), Aaron Messmer (281,500), Joe Kuether (265,500), Justin Harvell (194,500), Brett Murray (168,000), Andy Philachack (118,000), Allen Kessler (99,500), James Gilbert (72,500), seven-time ring winner Vinny Moscati (57,000) and too many others to name.

Among those bracelet winners not fortunate to put chips in a bag include, Gal Yifrach, Craig Varnell, Anthony Spinella, Jared Jaffee, Will Givens, Warren Sheaves, Jack Duong, and three-time bracelet winner "Miami" John Cernuto. 

Other famous faces that were not lucky enough to make it to the end of the day include Kristy Arnett, Jeff Trudeau, Bob Mather, Eddy Sabat, Marc Macdonnell, Wendy Freedman, Aram Zobian, Sam Panzica, and Dylan Wilkerson.

The 0000 players who survived the starting flights will return to action Tuesday for 10 more levels of play. Blinds will be 2,000/4,000 with a 4,000 ante when play resumes, putting the average stack just north of 33 big blinds.

Bursting the bubble is first up on the day's to-do list with the official prize pool being released in the morning. On top of first place prize, the tournament’s winner earns a gold ring and a berth in the prestigious Global Casino Championship where they’ll compete for a WSOP bracelet.

Day 2 begins at noon local time. 

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