July 16, 2019 (Las Vegas) - Carl Shaw is the winner of the final event of the World Series of Poker, the $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em. Shaw topped a field of 608 players to claim the $606,562 first prize and the WSOP gold bracelet, his first.

The final table started around 4:30 p.m. after 44 players returned at noon Tuesday.

Shaw just finished 101st in the main event. His first WSOP event ever. It was a pretty deep run for anyone, let alone a first timer.

“I was a little bit disappointed to be honest. Obviously as everyone would be, running that deep in the main. It just made me more hungry, more hungry to be out here, entering more tournaments -- I’m gonna be back for more bracelets.”

He kept reiterating that he will be back for more bracelets. This was the fourth British bracelet this year. Shaw says he plans on being back for more tournaments and, of course, to win another WSOP bracelet.

His final table run was a little over shadowed at first with 15-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth looking to go back-to-back in this event. Tony Dunst knocked Hellmuth out and Shaw found himself heads up against Dunst with the chip lead.

The two passed the lead back and forth during a wild level which saw about eight all ins before the cards fell Shaw’s way, giving him his first bracelet.

“Definitely some tough people on that table. I just had to adjust my game, pick my spots. I had a bit of luck in my side as well, so that helped.”

Shaw’s rail was present throughout the day and as he moved closer and closer to the bracelet, they got more and more anxious and excited for their friend. When it was all over, Shaw took a photo with his mother, celebrating the win.

“To be honest right at the end there it was really gambly. Luckily I was on the right side of luck when it came to the flips. We both had a small amount, so it was tricky for both of us.”

“I think that made me want it even more, having everybody here. Made me want it even more. My mom’s first time in America, I wanted to make her proud and I’ve done that now.”

This was Shaw’s first final table appearance in only his second-ever event. Based on his success in these first two events, it would not be a huge surprise to see Shaw back at a final table, accepting another bracelet in the future.

Kevin Eyster was the first player eliminated at the final table, finishing in ninth place and taking home $40,374. This was Eyster’s 45th WSOP cash and his fourth final table. This was also his best finish since he finished sixth in 2010 at the WSOP Europe in a No-Limit High Roller.

Caufman Talley was next to go, finishing in eighth place for $52,760. He got all in against Phil Hellmuth, who was making a run at back-to-back wins in this event and his 16th WSOP bracelet.

Hellmuth got his king-high all in against the jack-high of Talley. Neither played connected with the board and Hellmuth won the pot with the high card.

On the next hand, Rami Mornel hit the rail. He collected $70,156 after getting in pocket sevens against the pocket tens of Carl Shaw.

With six players remaining, Shaw was the chip leader by a three-to-one margin. Hellmuth was in fifth position, barely ahead of Luke Graham who was holding the short stack.

Hellmuth would be whittled down to a little more than three big blinds and get all in against Tony Dunst. Dunst held the best hand and flopped a pair. The cameras were on alert with Hellmuth at risk, and the coverage of the main event cut away to watch as the turn brought Hellmuth a straight. Dunst had two pair.

One of the fans on the rail congratulated Hellmuth and Dunst counted out the money to pay him in case, but the river gave Dunst a full house and eliminated the defending champion just short of his run for bracelet #16.

Hellmuth would finish in sixth and took home $94,899. He then hopped over to join the coverage of the final three players in the main event.

Lars Kamphues got all in against the chip leader Shaw. Shaw had queens against the eights of Kamphues and Kamphues doubled up, but on the next hand the two were all in again. This time Kamphues had kings. Shaw flopped trip aces and held to send Kamphues to the rail in fifth with $130,544.

Jordan Cristos was eliminated by Dunst in third place. Cristos had a slightly better hand, but Dunst connected with the board and sent Cristos home. Cristos now has 37 WSOP cashes and this was his first-ever WSOP final table.

Luke Graham finished in third place for $374,886, leaving Shaw and Dunst heads up.

Shaw held a big lead and was seeking his first WSOP bracelet as Dunst was looking for his second. Shaw was making his first final table appearance and this only his second-ever cash. He finished 101st in this year’s main event and followed it up with this run in the final event of the year.

Dunst doubled up once early in heads up and took the lead. Then Shaw reclaimed the lead with a double of his own. Not to be outdone, Dunst found himself all in at risk with aces and made a flush to retake the lead.

Because of the speed of the tournament, there were all ins every few hands. Shaw won to stay alive after the fourth all in heads up. Each player won two of them. Shaw was the first of the players to win two in a row and he finally claimed the bracelet, defeating Dunst to win the $606,562.

Final table payouts: (Click here for the full list of results)

1) Carl Shaw ($606,562)

2) Tony Dunst ($374,886)

3) Luke Graham ($259,533)

4) Jordan Cristos ($182,575)

5) Lars Kamphues ($130,544)

6) Phil Hellmuth ($94,899)

7) Rami Mornel ($70,156)

8) Caufman Talley ($52,760)

9) Kevin Eyster ($40,374)