Heather Alcorn picks up first circuit ring with the Horseshoe Southern Indiana Main Event Win.

OCTOBER 8TH, 2018 (ELIZABETH, IN) - Heather Alcorn has just become the newest Main Event  champion of the World Series of Poker Circuit at the Horseshoe Southern Indiana. She defeated 389 players to take home the title along with her first WSOP Circuit ring, and $129,654.

Alcorn only plays once or twice a year but she is a part of the poker community. In fact, she travels the circuit as a dealer. She had no intention to play the Main Event, but her plans changed when she ended up final tabling  two events here. She got 8th in Event # 7: $400 No-Limit Hold'em for $1,752 and 4th in Event #8: $400 No-Limit Hold'em Monster Stack for $10,150.

''I couldn't work this event for personal reasons so I just happened to be driving through town so I thought I'd just stop and say hi to everybody. I thought I was going to stay one night and play one tournament, ended up final tabling, so I stayed the next day and final tabled that one. So I went ahead and played the main.''

Alcorn started Day 3 second in chips and wanted to keep playing her game.
''I didn't really have a strategy per say. I just wanted to keep playing the way I was playing. It was a great final table.''

However, the day didn't start too well for her, and she was soon down to 13 big blinds when she lost a flip against Michael Foley with ace-king against Foley's deuces: ''I just got coolered one hand and honestly I was pretty sure I was going out at that point but I was not ready to give up.'' ''It just turned around I got a few good hands right away,'' she adds.

Indeed, Alcorn's downsing didn't last long . She quickly found herself two double ups, flopping a set of eights to survive against Foley's nines; and making quads a couple of hands later when she ran her jacks against Foley's ace-king for her tournament life. She sent Foley out soon after when he found himself in bad shape with ace-eight against her pair of kings and she was back in the game with 74 big blinds within a few hands. She also proceeded to eliminate David Sill in third place, with a pair of kings as well, when Sill shoved his king-nine against her kings in a three-handed spot.
The heads-up portion of play was reached and Heather had a big lead with 8.3 million in chips against Kevin Iacofano's 3.3 million. Alcorn and Iacofano traded pots for a few hands, extending Alcorn's lead but it was all over when Iacofano shoved his last 15 big blinds with   against Alcorn's   . The flop was    , and Iacofano kept the lead with his pair of fives. But that didn't last long as  the turn came the   and there was a possible counterfeit. Sure enough, the river was the  . Both players had two pair, tens and sevens, and Alcorn won with her ace kicker, making her the newest Horseshoe Southern Indiana Main Event Champion. Kevin Iacofano earned $80,120 for his runner-up finish.

Alcorn had to outlast a tough field to take down this event. The final table included two WSOP ring winners Michael Lech (6th place), and Kevin Iacofano (runner-up). Her other final table opponents were Robert James (9th), Daniel Loizzo (8th), Saleem Delawalla (7th), Michael Foley (5th), Abhishek Yerra (4th), David Sill (3rd). 
In addition to the prize money and the Circuit ring, Alcorn has earned a free entry into the 2018/19 WSOP Global Casino Championship, a WSOP bracelet event featuring a $1,000,000 guaranteed prizepool.

Official Final Table Results: Click here for full results.

1st place: Heather Alcorn - $129,654 + 2019 GCC Seat
2nd place: Kevin Iacofano - $80,120
3rd place: David Sill - $58,545
4th place: Abhishek Yerra - $43,469
5th place: Michael Foley - $32,799
6th place: Michael Lech - $25,088
7th place: Saleem Delawalla - $19,483
8th place: Daniel Loizzo - $15,346
9th place: Robert James - $12,258