Day 2 of the Horseshoe Southern Indiana Main Event is in the books. 

The day started with 74 survivors but many notables were not lucky enough to make the money including bracelet winner Jessica Dawley and two-time ring winner Nick Pupillo. 
Once the bubble bursts, the field was getting reduced pretty quickly and many notables started to drop including bracelet winner Alan Percal (37th place - $2,664) and ring winners Timothy Miles (34th place -$2,935), Neil Scott (19th place - $5,711), and Ari Engel (16th place - $6,777), as well as ), defending champion Justin Boggs (23rd place - $4,874).

As the day progressed, the action slowed, but the official final table was reached during the last level of the night and play was halted with 8 players left. 

Robert James was the last elimination of the night when he found himself in bad shape with his queens against Davil Sill's aces. Robert James managed to burst the bubble early in the day when he made the right call with his trip queens against Birdal's shove with two pair.
David Sill leads the way with a stack of 3,125,000, being the only player with over three millions in chips. He is followed by Heather Alcorn (2,760,000). Alcorn accumulated a lot of chips during the unofficial final table, scoring a double knockout and busting another player within 20 minutes left in the night. It is her third final table of the series. She took 8th place in Event #7: $400 No-Limit Hold'em and 4th in Event #8: $400 No-Limit Hold'em Monster Stack. She will be looking to close it out this time. 

Kevin Iacafano rounds up the top three with 2,295,000. Iacofano is no stranger at the WSOP. He has one ring and $864,758 in earnings. Michael Foley is also still fighting for the title. Foley is no stranger as he got third in this same event last year. Two-time ring winner Michael Lech (465,000) is also still in the field and will be trying to add another ring to his collection. 

The remaining eight players are guaranteed $12,258 for making it to Day 3. However, they will all have their eyes on the WSOP ring, the top prize of $129,654, as well as the free entry to the 2019 Global Casino Championship. They will return on Monday October 1 at 1 pm local time and will play down to a winner.

Here are the full counts and seat assignments heading into the final day:

Seat 1 - David Sill - 3,125,000
Seat 2 - Heather Alcorn - 2,760,000
Seat 3 - Abhishek Yerra - 965,000
Seat 4 - Kevin Iacofano - 2,295,000
Seat 5 - Saleem Delawalla - 615,000
Seat 6 - Michael Lech - 465,000
Seat 7 - Michael Foley - 550,000
Seat 9 - Daniel Loizzo - 895,000