November 29, 2018 (Las Vegas) - Nirath Rean is now a first time World Series of Poker Circuit ring winner. Rean won the $2,200 High Roller event at Planet Hollywood, earning $58,802.

Rean is no stranger at the WSOP. He has $292,542 in earnings including a 22nd place finish in the WSOP Main Event 2018, at his second WSOP Vegas ever, for $282,630.

When the day started, players were hitting the rail fast and many notables started the day strong but couldn't keep it going including Day 1 Chip leader and ring winner Justin Young, ring winner Nikolai Sears and John Morgan who weren't lucky enough to make the money.
Eventually, Yeray Mesa De Armas managed to burst the bubble and within four eliminations, including the one of two-time ring winner Dylan Wilkerson (12th place - $4,094), the official final table got underway.
The stakes were high at the final table but it is Mesa De Armas who was leading the way. He managed to get a stack of over two million early at the final table and was also responsible of two eliminations of the final table: Colin Dentan (8th place-$6,333)  and Daniel Barry (7th place- $8,085). 
Next out, was bracelet winner Ankush Mandavia in 6th place ($10,511). Mandavia, who was short, three-bet shoved from the small blind with    and found himself in bad shape against Daniel Mijac's    in the big blind. 

Mesa De Armas's heater eventually came to an end when Cheong managed to score a massive double against him to take the lead. Cheong flopped a full house and got maximum value through Mesa De Armas’s nut flush, taking the chip lead. A few hands later, Cheong eliminated Yeray Mesa De Armas in 5th place ($13,924) in an all in pre flop situation, flopping a flush with    against Yeray Mesa De Armas’s   .

Cheong leading became the highlight of the day as his chances of going back-to-back as champion of the $2,200 High Roller at the World series of poker at Planet Hollywood were extremely high. He started dominating most of the rest of the final table. 

Rean was quietly building on his side and managed to eliminate Daniel Mijac in 4th place ($18,796) when he flopped a king with    against Mijac’s sevens all in pre-flop. He continued adding to his stack slowly, eventually catching up with Cheong. 

Rok Gostisa took 3rd place when he shoved his 8 big blinds from the small blind with   . Cheong woke up with   , made the call, and stayed ahead.

When the heads-up portion of play got underway, both players were not far apart in chips. However, Rean kept extending his lead while Cheong didn’t have much going his way. Eventually Cheong was down to 15 big blinds and decided to call an all in from Rean on a       board. Rean revealed    for a flopped set of aces and that was it for Cheong's hope of going back to back, as he was holding   . Cheong couldn't finish up, taking the title of runner-up instead for a $36,342 payday.

Full Final Table Results:

1st - Nirath Rean - $58,802
2nd - Joseph Cheong - $36,348
3rd - Rok Gostisa - $25,876
4th - Daniel Mijac - $18,796
5th - Yeray Mesa De Armas - $13,924
6th - Ankush Mandavia - $10,511
7th - Daniel Barry - $8,085
8th - Colin Dentan - $6,333
9th - Malki Yaroon Zeev - $5,049