One-half of the tag team that brought the first two Indian-born bracelet winners notches a second bracelet in the same summer

July 8, 2017 (Las Vegas, NV) - Nipun ‘Javatinii’ Java became the second double bracelet winner of the summer in the early hours of Saturday morning. Java, who was part of the winning tag team in the $1,000 Tag Team No-Limit Hold’em event, won his second bracelet in the $1,000 Classic online event.

The Indian-born poker pro defeated a field of 951 players to win $237,688 to win his second bracelet of his career and the summer.

The former software engineer joins David Bach as the only double bracelet winners of the summer. Bach won the $1,500 Dealers Choice and the $10,000 HORSE event, while the Southern California poker pro got both of his bracelets in no-limit hold’em events.

This is only Java’s third cash of the summer, but with two wins, he’s earned $316,786 at the 2017 World Series of Poker.

Stanley ‘stanman420’ Lee was the first player of the final table to hit the rails when he moved all in preflop against Vinny ‘Mr_Sinister’ Pahuja. Pahuja was in the lead with ace-queen against Lee’s ace-nine and faded a three-outer to send Lee home in ninth place.  He took home $17,075 for his deep run.

Shortly after Lee was sent packing, Steven ‘meditations’ Enstine was eliminated in eighth place. Enstine got all in preflop with ace-seven, but found himself in bad shape against Jeffrey ‘jeffrey27rj’ Turton’s ace-jack. Turton unnecessarily improved to the nut flush by the river to win the pot.

With seven players remaining, the double-ups began to pile up and the chips began to even out a little bit.

Richard ‘jklolz’ Tuhrin doubled through Evan ‘YUDUUUUUUUUU’ Jarvis twice, but in between, Jarvis doubled through Jason ‘jadedjason’ James. James raised from the hijack and and Tuhrin moved all in for about 20 big blinds. James called with pocket jacks and was in the lead against Tuhrin’s king-six. Tuhrin flopped a six and turned trips to take the pot away from James, however, and double up.

James held a massive chip lead at the start of the final table and kept it even after losing a chunk to Jarvis.

Java closed the gap on James’ chip lead when he was on the right end of a cold deck to send Sean ‘Hurricane27’ Legendre to the rail in seventh place. Legendre and Java got all of the money in the middle preflop with Legendre tabling pocket kings and in trouble against Java’s pocket aces. Java’s aces held up and Legendre settled for a $29,415 parting gift.

Jarvis won several pots in a row without showdown to briefly take the chip lead away from James, but James took it right back when he eliminated Turton in sixth. They got all in preflop with James’ pocket sixes up against Turton’s king-queen.

James flopped bottom set and Turton flopped a gutshot straight draw. The turn and river bricked off for Turton and he secured $39,510 for his sixth place finish.

James reclaimed the chip lead and was back over six million chips, but Jarvis and Java weren’t far behind. Tuhrin was a distant fourth and Pahuja was the definitive short stack.

Pahuja got several shoves through and actually chipped up quite nicely, sitting third in chips at his peak, but Jarvis doubled through him when they got all in preflop with Jarvis’ kings up against Pahuja’s ace-queen suited.

Pahuja turned a flush draw, but was unable to hit a diamond or an ace on the river. Jarvis doubled up and Pahuja was left with just a little more than a big blind. He was all in the next hand after calling a raise from the small blind.

They took a flop four ways and James bet the flop and river on a board of       against Java, building a side pot. Java called the river bet and mucked when James tabled   , good for the nut flush.

Pahuja was eliminated in fifth and netted $53,595, while James opened up a big chip lead once again with four players remaining.

After paying off James’ nut flush, Java was the short stack four-handed. But he took the chip lead a few hands later after shoving the button and getting called by James out of the small blind. Java showed ace-nine and was in trouble against James’ pocket jacks. The flop came ace high, however, and Java took the lead. He faded a jack on the turn and river to double through Jason and take the chip lead for the first time all final table.

Java knocked out Jarvis in fourth and held about half the chips in play at the start of three-handed play. Jarvis moved all in from under the gun with nine-ten and got action from Java on the button with pocket kings. Jarvis never had a sweat and was drawing dead on the turn. He took home $73,911, guaranteeing the final three players a six-figure payday.

James eliminated Tuhrin in third when they got all in preflop in a battle of the blinds confrontation. James had the slightly bigger stack, but had the much inferior hand with his    up against Tuhrin’s   .

The flop was     and James took the lead with his pair of jacks. Turhin had a live over and a straight draw against James’ hand, but the   turn and the   river didn’t change anything. Tuhrin was eliminated in third and took home $103,326.

That put James heads-up with Java with almost identical stacks. Java opened up a slight chip lead after winning some pots without showdown, but James took the chip lead back after winning a race with pocket eights against Java’s ace-ten.

That gave James a 2-to-1 chip lead over Java, but Java flipped the script after three-bet shoving with ace-five and getting called by James’ pocket queens. Java turned an ace and rivered two pair to re-open up a chip lead.

Java finished the job when he flopped top and bottom pair against James’ straight flush draw. They got all the money in on the flop and even though James turned even more outs by turning a pair, Java faded the world to secure his second bracelet of the summer.

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Final Table Results:

1st: Nipun ‘Javatinii’ Java - $237,688
2nd: Jason ‘jadedjason’ James - $146,202
3rd: Richard ‘jklolz’ Tuhrin - $103,326
4th: Evan ‘YUDUUUUUUUUU’ Jarvis - $73,911
5th: Vinny ‘Mr_Sinister’ Pahuja - $53,595
6th: Jeffrey ‘jeffrey27rj’ Turton - $39,510
7th: Sean ‘Hurricane 27’ Legendre - $29,415
8th: Steven ‘meditations’ Enstine - $22,185
9th: Stanley ‘stanman420’ Lee - $17,075