December 22, 2017 – Day 7 of WSOP CHINA kicked off at 11:00 a.m., and the six players came back to their dream stage and fight for the first ever WSOP CHINA gold bracelet. Only 3 hours later, Zhou Yun Peng took down the game, became the champion of WSOP CHINA Main Event and won the top prize of CNY 2,414,000 (about $367,000 U.S.), the Champions Cup as well as the first WSOP gold bracelet in Asia.


Let’s look back at the exciting moments:

In the first round, Zhou Yun Peng opened UTG, Ni Cang Sheng went all-in for 1,910,000, Zhou Yun Peng called. With 7♥7♣ in hand and K♥K♦ holding in Zhou Yun Peng, Ni Cang Sheng finished his WSOP CHINA journey in 6th place.


In a duel against Long Rong, Wu Xin 4-bet all in pre-flop, with Wu Xin having A♠K♦ and Long Rong holding 8♦8♥. After the board was in sight, there were no outs for Wu Xin and he finished as the 5th place.


Pre-flop: Li Xiang Lai opened UTG, Zhang Jian Bin in the small blind three-bet, then Li went all-in and Zhang called; showdown: Li having A♠J♠, Zhang holding A♥K♦. The board didn’t help Li turn over his deficit, and Li Xiang Lai finished in 4th place.


Then Zhou Yun Peng, the chip leader Zhang Jian Bin five-bet all in pre-flop, with Zhou having A♥A♦ and Zhang holding A♣K♥. Unfortunately, as the board showed A♠K♠4♦6♠6♥, Zhang Jian Bin stopped his WSOP CHINA adventure in third place.


Finally, when heads up, the luck fairy came to Zhou Yun Peng. On December 22, Zhou Yun Peng doubled his chips with 22 before, then he got 2♣2♦ again this time, with Long Rong holding A♠8♣. All the chips went in pre-flop, and as the board showed K♦6♦4♥7♦ J♦, Zhou Yun Peng got a flush and won. Unfortunately, Long Rong finished in 2nd place.


According to some poker players, the competition in WSOP CHINA was so fierce as the ancient China’s imperial examination. Since this tournament is held by Tencent, (also known as QQ), it’s hard to give up with holding QQ in hand. The 6-Handed No-Limit Hold’em began at 13:00 p.m. and 72 players participated. After nearly 9 hours’ competition, Zhang Peng defeated his opponent with QQ and won the championship, who also won the No-Limit Hold’em Turbo event. Congratulations!


Till now, the whole tournament of WSOP CHINA has come to an end. Thanks for every player’s excellent performance, and thanks for all the dealers, the live broadcast team, the commentators and other staff members.

This is the end, but also a new beginning. In 2018, Tencent Poker will hold a lot of WSOP tournaments in many cities, and the final tournament will start in November, with participants up to 1,200 and prizes up to CNY 24,000,000. Welcome all the poker enthusiasts from the world to come to China, and hope for a more internationalized and diversified WSOP CHINA!

See you in November 2018!