Less than three weeks ago, Scott Blumstein etched his name in poker's history books when he won the 2017 WSOP Main Event, earning $8,150,000 for his victory. We got a chance to catch up with the newly crowned champ and talk about his life since the Main Event and his upcoming plans.

WSOP: Here we are at Harrah’s Cherokee. It’s been about three weeks since your Main Event Victory. How are you feeling? Has it all sunk in yet?

Scott Blumstein: Not really, honestly. Definitely a little bit more every day. It still kind of feels… it’s been what, two and half weeks? It’s just a new experience and I’m enjoying every second of it.

WSOP: You said after the final table in July that the money would be nice, but winning the Main Event doesn’t really change things for you. But it changes things for a lot of people. It changes the way people look at you. How have you been getting used to the attention?

SB: That’s been the biggest difference. Things are different in that aspect … it’s been cool. I was in Colorado at a Nike outlet and someone was like, “Did I see you bluff on TV yesterday?” I was like, “Yeah, that was me.” It’s definitely been interesting going from a nobody to somebody people can kind of identify with. … You can’t plan to turn famous overnight, but it’s definitely been a cool experience.

WSOP: It’s been two and half weeks, and you have at the very least a year as reigning champ. You have any plans or goals for the next 11 and half months or so?

SB: Yeah, I’m gonna play a little bit of poker and try to keep finding success in poker. I’m going to hope to do a little bit of investing and make some smart decisions with my money because at the end of the day, that’s the goal. And just interact with poker fans. It’s going to be cool for a year having the role of Main Event champ, and I’m looking forward to having 12 months of fun.

WSOP: As you said, about a month ago, you were just a normal kid, an online grinder from New Jersey. But now for the rest of your life you’re going to be “Scott Blumstein, Main Event champion.” How’s that going to affect how you approach poker moving forward.

SB: Some things are different now. I had my first foray as champ a couple days ago and it was a different experience than I’d ever had before. I actually miss the role of being under the radar and being able to sneak attack people. But it’s been great. Everyone’s been super nice. I’m just gonna keep being me.

WSOP: How do you like it here in Cherokee? Have you been here before?

SB: I was actually was here six months ago, I think, for the Circuit series. I came here trying to win a poker tournament before the Main. I really like it here. It’s a great resort. We actually were staying in a cabin down the road, which is a great experience. So if you’re ever looking to make a vacation/poker trip, I think this is a great place.

Scott Blumstein (center) and Lon McEachern mingle at Harrah's Cherokee

Scott Blumstein, Norman Chad, and Lon McEarchern with Harrah's Cherokee guests and staff

Scott Blumstein playing an exhibition tournament with Harrah's Cherokee guests