We recently just completed the Millionaire Maker event, where for the very first time we made the top two finishers Millionaires.  In addition, Ben Keeline’s victory in this year’s Colossus II added him to the list of 2016 WSOP Millionaire’s Club.  With the WSOP summer series ongoing, there will definitely be others to join this trifecta in the WSOP Millionaire’s Club.  We take a close look at what countries the winners are coming from.  How is your home country faring?

WSOP Millionaires by Region


The big 5 all-time millionaires by country include:

  • United States (271 Millionaires)
  • Canada (28 Millionaires)
  • United Kingdom (25 Millionaires)
  • Russia (9 Millionaires)
  • France (7 Millionaires)

Countries missing in action without a Millionaire include:

  • China
  • Columbia
  • Slovakia
  • India
  • Singapore

At The World Series of Poker anything can happen at any time. Get behind your country and find out how many millionaires will be made at the 2016 WSOP.