Trevor Deeter returns for Day 3 of the Main Event with the chip lead. $206K to the winner.

Baltimore, Md. (March 8, 2015) -- Day 2 of the World Series of Poker Circuit Main Event at the Horseshoe Baltimore has finally wrapped up. The long day began at noon and finally wrapped up at about 3:45 am after 13 levels of play. The day began with 210 players that made it through Day 1, plus 13 players that opted to buy-in at the beginning of Day 2 for a total 217 players. By the end of the day, only 13 players remained. The chip leader heading into the final day of the tournament is Trevor Deeter, who finished Day 2 with 1,510,000 in chips.

Deeter has several opponents closely behind. There are three other players that are within 100,000 chips of him, which will be less than four big blinds when they return tomorrow. John Moore sits in second with 1,500,000. Moore finished Day 1 eighth in chips and stayed near the top of the chip counts the entire day. Chris Csik sits in third, Steve Karp sits in 10th and Roland Israelashvili sits 12th in chips.

The tournament began on Friday for Day 1A and Saturday for Day 1B, attracting a total of 670 entries. Day 1 played 12 levels. Out of the 223 players starting or returning for Day 2, only 72 would make the money. Hand-for-hand play began when the money bubble was reached near the end of Level 18. Erica Skelton would be the unlucky player to be eliminated on the bubble. After Skelton's elimination, the staff got on the microphone and announced they had made a mistake and there was still 73 players remaining and that they went hand-for-hand one player too soon. Since that was their mistake, they announced that they would put up the $2,814 themselves and pay out the final 73 players. The lucky player to receive the 73rd place money was Shuan Linefsky. Linefsky was almost the bubble boy. He was down to his final 500 chips and survived when he turned a flush against two players in his all-in hand. That pot was able to keep Linefsky alive just long enough for him to scratch a min-cash.

Most of the players returning for Day 2 exited the tournament without taking home any cash. Notables to return today, but miss out on the money include Ari Engel, Dennis Phillips, Justin Liberto, DJ MacKinnon, Maurice Hawkins, Steve Dannenmann and Paul Sokoloff. Some of the players to make it the money, but short of Day 3 include Marshall White (60th place), Amanda Musumeci (51st),  13-time bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth (50th), Jonathan Abla (43rd), Day 1 chip leader, Charles Wanyek (33rd), and Christian Harder (15th). This cash marked Hellmuth’s first ever WSOP Circuit cash.

The 670 entries in this event generated a prize pool of $1,005,000. The winner will earn $206,020, along with a free entry into the 2015 WSOP National Championship, tentatively scheduled for late July. Official dates and a location for the National Championship will be announced soon.

The final day of this Main Event begins Monday at 2 p.m. local time at the Horseshoe Baltimore. The players will return at Level 26, with blinds at 15,000/30,000 and a 5,000 ante.

Here are the chip counts for the remaining players.

1. Trevo Deeter - 1,510,000
2. John Moore - 1,500,000
3. Chris Csik - 1,460,000
4. "John Smith" - 1,415,000
5. Ben Foster - 1,305,000
6. Jonathan Gilliam - 1,135,000
7. Danny Fisher 1,075,000
8. Kevin Johnson - 1,020,000
9. Jason Rogers - 990,000
10. Steve Karp - 815,000
11. Theodoros Manolatos - 470,000
12. Roland Israelashvili - 345,000
13. Roger Brooks - 340,000