Two full hours of play into the Main Event Championship November Nine finale, not much has changed with the players or their chip counts.

Jorryt Van Hoof, from The Netherlands, retains his impressive chip lead, currently at close to 40 million.  Still hanging tough is sentimental crowd favorite, Brazilian amateur player Bruno Politano -- currently where he began, in ninth place.  All the players in between have pretty much stayed in line with where they started close to 40 hands ago, or more than four full orbits.  One notable exception is Dan Sindelar, up to 27 million from his starting count of about 21 million.

So far, much of the energy has come from the lively crowd, which seems eager for action.  We've yet to see an all-in-and-call situation, which means no player has yet been at risk of busting out.

That will certainly change as the blinds and antes slowly escalate, requiring players to make decisions that will determine their 2014 WSOP Main Event fates.

Stay tuned for more updates, or follow all the action on a 30-minute delay in ESPN2 (for American audiences).