Name: Bruno Politano
Age: 31
Birthplace: Sao Paolo, Brazil
Hometown/Current place of residence: Fortaleza, Brazil
Occupation: Businessman
Employer/Company Name: Self-employed
Marital Status: Girlfriend
WSOP Earnings: $22,696
WSOP Cashes: 3
WSOP Final Tables: 0
Best Main Event Finish: N/A

WSOP: How many (people) are going to be on your rail in November?

Politano: I promise, more than 200. My Words: more than 200.

WSOP: What does it mean for Brazil?

Politano: I don’t know…[laughs] really…I don’t know.

WSOP: What are your plans for the next 4 months?

Politano: My plan is to get coaching. I have a coach, Ariel Bahia...and to relax, it’s time to relax.

WSOP: Are you going to travel around and do any tournaments?

Politano: Maybe EPT Barcelona, maybe, but now I don’t have to plan. Now only poker, beer, my friends…

WSOP: You’ve had a lot of momentum since yesterday. It seems like you’ve just been building and building. At any point, did you feel nervous that you wouldn’t make it?

Politano: Yeah, but only today, because at the final table with Newhouse had me two times…one I had top set, top kicker (Ace-Queen) and another I had top pair, King Jack, and Queen kicker…It’s very big money for him but I was nervous because I lost half my stack…but my support, is everything…I’m here now.

WSOP: Would you consider yourself a professional poker player?

Politano: No

WSOP: What’s your job?

Politano: I have a store, I work as an administrator, but poker is my hobby for 10 years, and I love poker…but now, maybe poker is my first profession.

WSOP: What’s the first thing you buy [if you win]?

Politano: The first thing I buy is something nice for my girlfriend…then travel, relax, investments.

WSOP: What’s your girlfriend’s name?

Politano: Anne

WSOP: Is she here?

Politano: No, she is working

WSOP: Have you talked to her yet?

Politano: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I talked to her.