Things are getting down to the nitty gritty. We've seen 35 players hit the rail so far this afternoon and we've got at least 17 more eliminations to go before calling it a night.  The payouts are in six-figure territory, the tension is becoming increasingly palpable, and by this time tomorrow, there will likely be more players left in the field who will make the November Nine than who will not. But before we jump ahead to Day 7, let's look at what's happened so far during Day 6:

Turns out we may not have any Main Event Champions in the field, but we do have a World Champion in our midsts after all.  William Pappaconstantinou, known in foosball circles as Billy Pappas has actually won nine world foosball titles since turning pro at age 12.  He is doing alright and currently in the middle of the pack with 4.4 million.

2. At one point last night, David Tuthill (pictured) was down to 35,000 chips, roughly two big blinds, but he managed to double several times to survive the day. Channeling 2012 Champ Greg Merson, who rallied from six big blinds the year he won the Main Event, Tuthill ended Day 5 with 970,000. Heading into dinner, Tuthill is actually sitting on 1.47 million.

3. She came in 79th out of 79 players on the chip counts, but Maria Ho was actually the third elimination of the day, exiting in 77th place. Ho was the third woman in WSOP history to be the last woman remaining in the Main Event on more than one occasion, joining the likes of Marsha Waqgonner and Annie Duke. She also posted the third-worst finish for the “Last Woman Standing” in the money in the Main Event, trailing only Breeze Zuckerman (128th in 2010) and Rose Richie (98th in 2004).

4. We began the day with seven bracelet winners, but now only four remain.  Sean Dempsey is the lone bracelet winner from 2014 still in the field. He is joined by two-time winner Luis Velador, Craig McCorkell, and Leif Force, who has the biggest stack of the bunch with almost 7 million.

5. Two-time bracelet winner Vitaly Lunkin has quietly put together quite the Main Event results the past few years.  This is his fifth Main Event cash dating back to 2006. Last year, he made another incredibly deep run, finishing in 46th place. He didn't quite match that benchmark this year, exiting in 57th place.

6. With just 44 players remaining, we are down to the final six tables in this year’s Main Event. We began the day with nine and will end tonight either after five and a half levels of play or bag up somewhere between 24-27 players spread across the final three tables.

7. There is only one player not in seven-figure territory heading into the dinner break and that is short stack Clayton Maguire, who will return to around 970,000 ships, which will amount to roughly 12 big blinds.

8. We’ve reached the point in this tournament where players are showing up with eight-figure chip stacks. If a player can amass 10 million chips, they have roughly five percent of the total chips in play, but would still need to double that amount plus throw another 3 million on there to have an average stack come November. Currently, Martin Jacobson and Dan Sindelar are the only players in the eight-figure range, but that will certainly change after dinner.

9. Mark Newhouse's quest to be the first repeat November Niner is still alive, but he hasn't made much headway so far today, starting with 7.4 million and going to dinner with around 6.4 million.  As we've noted though, Newhouse made the final table last year with about the same amount of chips as he started today with, managing to cash them in for a ninth place finish.

10. In addition to the United States, there are still ten countries represented in this year’s Main Event field. Here is the list:
Austria - Maximillian Senft
Brazil - Bruno Politano, Luis Assuncao
Canada - Dong Guo
Great Britain - Craig McCorkell, Paul Senter, Iaron Lightbourne
Israel - Gal Erlichman
Netherlands - Jorryt van Hoof, Oscar Kemps
Norway - Felxi Stephensen
Russia - Andrey Zaichenko
Spain - Andoni Larrabe
Sweden - Martin Jacobson