Day 3 of the WSOP Circuit Main Event at the River Rock Casino was a quick one (wrapping up in less than five hours), as the field played down from 26 players to nine.

Of the top four players who entered the day, only one made it to the final table -- Day 2 chipleader Young "Mike" Kim, who topped the leaderboard for most of Day 3 as well. Kim hit a rough spot at the end to drop down a bit, and then was leapfrogged by Doug Wasyk and Alex Toth, who both finished strong to lead with more than 3 million in chips.

Tyler Patterson and Doug Wasyk had nearly identical chip stacks before the final hand, when Patterson was dealt A-K and Wasyk received K-K. The best hand held up, and Wasyk catapulted into the chip lead as Patterson was eliminated in 11th place.

As Patterson was eliminated, Vikas Sondhi (who entered the day second in chips) was moving all in preflop with    against Alex Toth's   . Once again, the pocket kings held strong, and Sondhi was out in 10th place. Like Wasyk just a minute earlier, Toth skyrocketed to more than 3 million in chips.

Speaking of the chipleaders, here's a look at the official seating and chip counts for tomorrow's final table:

Seat 1.  Roger Hardy  -  1,150,000  (28 BBs)
Seat 2.  Young "Mike" Kim  -  2,240,000  (56 BBs)
Seat 3.  Jeff Blenkarn  -  1,290,000  (32 BBs)
Seat 4.  Homan Mohammadi  -  605,000  (15 BBs)
Seat 5.  Greg Eyster  -  950,000  (23 BBs)
Seat 6.  Doug Wasyk  -  3,350,000  (83 BBs)
Seat 7.  Alex Toth  -  3,005,000  (75 BBs)
Seat 8.  Lincoln Milne  -  2,565,000  (64 BBs)
Seat 9.  Dylan Mayo  -  2,640,000  (66 BBs)

And here's the prizepool they'll be playing for:

1st:  $253,015
2nd:  $156,349
3rd:  $115,166
4th:  $85,946
5th:  $64,979
6th:  $49,759
7th:  $38,588
8th:  $30,297
9th:  $24,082

The final table is scheduled to begin tomorrow (Thursday) at 12:00 noon PT. Return to for continuing coverage as they play for the title, the money, the WSOP Circuit ring, and a seat in the WSOP National Championship in Atlantic City in May.