When Jeff Madsen lit the poker world on first back in 2006 as a 21-year-old, he must have thought winning was easy.

That year, it certainly was.  Madsen won two gold bracelets, becoming the youngest player in history ever to do so.  He also finished third twice in other tournaments, ultimately winning the coveted title of WSOP Player of the Year.

However, that early success waned over the next few years.  Perhaps it was simply impossible to sustain such a high level of achievement from one WSOP to the next.  Madsen made a few final table appearances the past few years, but never came close to posting the stellar results from 2006.  

Tonight at the Rio though, Madsen roared back into the winner's circle, taking down the $3,000 buy-in Pot-Limit Omaha event and continuing a remarkable hot streak for past WSOP Players of the Year.  This marked his third gold bracelet, and first title since that earth-shattering year back in 2006.  Madsen pocketed the sweet sum of $384,420 – his biggest WSOP score in seven years.

In fact, this victory now puts Madsen over the $2 million mark in career WSOP earnings.  He has 29 cashes, which is among the leaders for players still in their 20s.

Madsen is a 28-year-old professional poker player from Los Angeles, CA.  Prior to playing poker for a living, Madsen attended college.

There were some similarities this year to 2006.  For one thing, Madsen's parents showed up to cheer on their son.  They took the stage prouldy afterward, just as they'd done some seven years earlier.

Madsen had other company, as well.  Steve Aoki, one of the world's most famous concert DJ's and music producers, showed up in Madsen's corner.  Madsen and Aoki took the stage together afterward and posed for a number of photos.


Name:  Jeff Madsen
Current Residence:  Las Vegas, NV / Los Angeles, CA (USA)
Birthplace:  Los Angeles, CA (USA)
Age:  28
Marital Status:  Single
Children:  None
Occupation:  Professional Poker Player
WSOP Cashes (including this event):  29
First WSOP Cash (year):  2006
WSOP Final Table Appearances:  8
WSOP Wins (with this victory):  3
WSOP Career Earnings:  $2,169,985
Note:  2006 WSOP Player of the Year


WSOP:  How does it feel to finally win gold bracelet number three?
Madsen:  I'm thrilled to win.  Hey, it's been a long time.  What can I say?  I didn't think it would take this long, but it did.

WSOP:  Does this win mark something of a comeback for you and was it tough to wait seven years between victories?
Madsen:  It didn't bother me.  Sure, I wanted to win, but I've been working to improve my game since thing and if anything, now I am a better player.  I never really looked at it as a drought.  I mean, I did have lots of cashes and winnings since then.

WSOP:  Was this a tough final table and a tough event?
Madsen:  It had a lot of tough players, but many of the very best were knocked out before we got to this stage.

WSOP:  How special was it to have your parents here again to witness your third victory?
Madsen:  I did not know they were coming and they surprised me.  That's always motivating, because I want to win for them.  That was a surprise and I think I played my best for them.

WSOP:  Do you plan to play more poker now after winning a big score?
Madsen:  I tend to play every day anyway....mostly the $1,500 buy-ins, so this doesn't change my plans much.

WSOP: Any last words about what you're feeling right now?
Madsen:  I feel ecstatic.  I feel I played a really good tournament.  It was a long time coming.  I mean, I won my first gold bracelet back in 2006.  It's not easy to win these and I am fortunate to win here tonight.


Phil Hellmuth cashed.  This was the 98th in-the-money finish at the WSOP for his career which ranks 1st all time.

Mike Sexton cashed.  This was the 57th in-the-money finish at the WSOP for his career which ranks in 13th place all time.

Tom Schneider cashed.  He's won two gold bracelets at this series.  This was also his seventh time to cash in 2013.