If you were to evaluate Jay Farber's poker skills purely by his rail, you would probably assume he was a high stakes cash pro. As the 28 year-old played his way to a seat at the final table, he was cheered on by an array of bracelet winners including Chance Kornuth, Vanessa Selbst, and Ben Lamb.  He is no poker pro, but Farber is a Vegas regular.  Sin City is known bet for two things--gambling and nightlife.  Farber is a major player in the latter, working as a VIP host for nightclubs like Hakkasan.  His job has led him to establish friendships with a ton of poker pros who will be on hand to cheer and advise in November.  So, while it is Farber's first WSOP cash and first final table, the Farber supporters can certainly help him make up for any lack of experience compared to his competitors. 

Name: Jay Farber
Twitter: @Jay_Farber_LV
Age: 28 
Hometown/Current place of residence: Las Vegas, NV
Occupation: VIP Host
Education: BA in Business from UC Santa Barbara
Marital Status: Single
Children (names and ages): 0
Years playing poker: 
Years entered Main Event: 2
WSOP Earnings: 0
WSOP Cashes: 0
WSOP Final Tables: 0 
Best Main Event Finish: None

We caught up with Farber shortly after the final table was set to find out a little more about him:

WSOP: You are one of the non-professional players at the table. What is it you do for a living?

Farber: My technical profession is VIP Host, so basically I just take people out and make sure they have a good time.  Set them up with tables and stuff like that.

WSOP: How many times have you played the Main Event?

Farber: It’s like my third or fourth, I don’t know, I played a long time ago, but I played last year. I made Day 3 and this is obviously the farthest I have ever gotten, farther than I had hoped to get.

WSOP: When did you learn to play?

Farber: I started playing poker probably 15 years ago with my friends, just screwing around in home games.  I played casually on and off, played a lot of cash semi-professionally when I moved out here and before that.

WSOP: What was your most memorable moment in this year’s Main Event?

Farber: I think Day 6 when I got Aces against Noah [Schwartz] on the second hand of day was pretty much the highlight.  It’s brutal because he is a friend of mine and I don’t want to take all of his chips, but everything else has just been like a big blur and now making the final table is amazing.

WSOP: You had a big rail.  Who were some of the people on there?

Farber: A lot of nightlife people and a lot of my friends from poker.  Shaun Deeb, Ben Lamb, Chance Cornuth, Keith Ferrer, Brent Roberts.  Everybody that I have gotten to know over the years living here and playing poker came out here to sweat me today, which was awesome.  I am so happy I could make it for them more than for me.

WSOP: Has Ben prepared you at all for what the November Nine is all about?

Farber: Not at all.

WSOP: Are you going to lean on him a little bit?

Farber: Yeah, I thankfully have a pretty good support network to help me out with everything I need to prepare.

WSOP: Do you know all of those guys from playing cash games? 

Farber: I know them from cash and from a lot mutual friends and through partying and stuff like that.

WSOP: How did you get into the nightlife industry?

Farber: Back home I was working in bars, bartending and doing security.  When I moved out here, I kind of didn’t have a gig.  I didn’t have a job lined up and all of my friends were promoters and hosts and I asked if there were any jobs and I kind of fell into it.

WSOP: During ten handed play it seemed like you really took advantage and picked up some big pots.  What was going on there?  Were you just picking up cards or were you thinking this is a chance for me to get up in the chip counts?

Farber: I picked up a couple good hands and I have been playing with JC a lot, so I kind of know how he plays and we had an interesting dynamic.  I was to his left pretty much all day at the other table and he was to my left earlier in the day.  I just felt like it was a good spot for me to call him, but that KQ hand if he shoves the river it’s like the toughest call for me ever, I don’t know what I would even do about it.  I was just playing my style of poker and it’s been working out really well for me.

WSOP: Were you always planning to play the Main Event this year?

Farber: Yeah, I was playing 100 percent, I played a couple satellites just to play them, but I was buying-in no matter what.  There was no chance I wasn’t playing.

WSOP: You have played the Main Event three times, but you do not have any previous WSOP cashes. Have things just not gone right for you here?  Has it been disappointing?

Farber: A little bit disappointing just because I am really not a tournament player.  It is just frustrating coming from being a cash player to be putting in 12 to 14 hours a day and take a bad beat and just be done.  If it’s just cash, I just re-buy. This, the Main Event though, I really enjoy playing the Main Event just because it’s more like playing a deep stack cash game which is right up my alley.  For the first few days I was lucky enough to have a decent amount of chips in front of me, so I just got to play my style of poker and it worked out really well, I exploited my image and went from there.

WSOP: What’s the plan for the next four months?

Farber: I don’t really have one.  I am going to Hawaii in two weeks and this really all that is on my mind.

WSOP:  Any plans for tonight?

Farber: We are all going to the Rhino!