Photo Caption:  Here’s what’s at stake….the most prestigious prize in poker – the WSOP gold bracelet.  Actually, this special memento is encrusted with diamonds and made of platinum.  But it still counts as a WSOP gold bracelet.  There are 27 players remaining in the world championship.  One of the survivors will receive the prize, in addition to more than $8 million for first place. -- Photo by Joe Giron

Here’s a look at the final 27 players still alive in the WSOP Main Event Championship.  Play resumes on Monday at 1 pm PST.

TABLE 410:
Seat 1:  Greg Merson -- Laurel, MD -- with 7,400,000, is a 24,year-old professional poker player.  He won his first career gold bracelet at this years WSOP, which paid over $1.1 million.

Seat 2:  Jesse Sylvia -- Las Vegas, NV -- with 7,385,000, is a 26-year-old professional poker player.

Seat 3:  Percy Mahatan -- Rockville, MD -- with 6,750,000, is a 32-year-old government contractor who works in finance.  He won a satellite tournament hosted by his company which enabled him to come and play in the Main Event.
Seat 4:  Jamie Robbins -- South Lake Tahoe, CA -- with 8,750,000, is a 37-year-old poker player and business investor.  He finished 11th in the WSOP Main Event Championship in 2009.
Seat 5:  Wilfried Harig -- Hamburg, Germany -- with 2,665,000, is a pro poker player who also enjoys chess.  He previously finished 217th in the 2011 WSOP Main Event Championship.  He is one of three German players in the final 27.

Seat 6:  Cylus Watson -- from the San Francisco Bay area -- with 8,500,000, is 24-year-old and earned a college degree from the University of New Hampshire. 

Seat 7:  Elisabeth Hille -- from Bergen, Norway -- with 9,770,000, is a 26-year-old waitress.  This is her second time to play at the WSOP.  She is one of two females remaining in the field.

Seat 8:  David Balkin -- from Sydney, Australia -- with 6.330,000, is a 38-year-old security consultant to a large online poker site.  He has one child and has another on the way.

Seat 9:  Marc-Andre Ladouceur -- from Montreal, Quebec Canada -- with 15,875,000, is a 29-year-old accoutant and nightclub owner.  He is also a high-stakes online poker player.  Ladouceur is the current chip leader.

TABLE 414:
Seat 1:  Daniel Strelitz -- from Torrance, CA -- with 12,790,00, is a 22-year-old college student and semi-pro poker player.  He is currently ranked second in chips.

Seat 2:  Russell Thomas -- from Hartford, CT -- with 9,985,000, is a graduate of Temple University.  He is a 24-year-old actuary.

Seat 3:  Jake Balsiger -- from Tempe, AZ -- with 7,330,000, is a 21-year-old junior attending Arizona State University.  He is the youngest player in the field.

Seat 4:  Jan Heitmann -- from Munich, Germany -- with 6,390,000, is a 36-year-old poker player, commentator, and author.  He has won major titles in Europe.  Heitmann is married and has two children.

Seat 5:  Michael Esposito -- from Seaford, NY -- with 7,045,000, is a 43-year-old commodity broker.

Seat 6:  Robert Buckenmayar -- from Poway, CA -- with 4,410,000, is a 67-year-old retiree.  He is married and has four children.  He is the most senior player remaining in the field.

Seat 7:  Roland Israelashvili, a.k.a. "Speedy" -- from Queens, NY -- with 5,525,000 is a former race car driver and pro poker player who has been plauing full-time for about four years.  He is among the leaders in cashes at the WSOP and on the WSOP CIrcuit since 2008.

Seat 8:  Scott Abrams -- from Henderson, NV -- with 8,080,000, is a 24-year-old poker pro and a graduate of Stanford University with a degree in management science.

Seat 9:  Nico Maag -- from Karlsruhe, Germany -- with 1,300,000, is a 27-year-old part-time poker player and college graduate.  He had the chip leader during Day SIx, but is now the 27th-ranked player of the final 27. 

TABLE 416:  
Seat 1:  Andras Koroknai -- from Debrecen, Hungary -- with 3,125,000, is a 30-year-old professional poker player who hopes to become the first Hungarian to ever make a Main Event final table.  He is a college gradiate.  Koroknai also won last year's Hungarian Poker Championship.

Seat 2:  Steven Gee -- from Sacramento, CA -- with 4,830,000, is a 56-year-old poker pro who was born in China.  He holds a B.S. in accounting.  Gee won a WSOP gold bracelet in 2010.

Seat 3:  Danny Wong -- from Las Vegas, NV -- with 6,360,00, is a 27-year-old poker pro.  He was born in Hong Kong and has a colege degree in business administration.

Seat 4:  Paul Volpe -- from West Chester, PA -- with 2,650,000 is a 31-year-old top-ranked online poker pro.  He has been near the chip lead since Day Three.

Seat 5:  Robert Salaburu -- from San Antonio, TX -- with 10,915,000 is 27-year-old poker pro.  He is ranked third in the chip count at the start of Day Seven.

Seat 6:  Jeremy Ausmus -- from Las Vegas, NV -- with 8,300,000 is a 32-year-old poker pro.  He is a graduate of Colorado State University.  He is married with one child and another on the way.

Seat 7:  Gaelle Baumann -- from Strasbourg, France (now residing in Malta) -- with 5.530,000 is a 29-year-old professional poker player.  She has a Masters Degree, as well. 

Seat 8:  Yuval Bronshtein -- from Charleston, SC (and Tel Aviv, Israel) -- with 9,735,000, is an Israeli-born poker pro and a graduate of the University of Maryland.

Seat 9:  Robert Corcione -- from Bellingham, MA -- with 8,745,000, is a 34-year-old poker player who hopes to make enough money in this year's Main Event to "start a non-profit organization and help as many people as (he) can."

-- Nolan Dalla