Biloxi, MS — The Circuit’s newest champion is hardly new at all. Tim Burt worked his way through a field of 71 entrants over the course of two days to record his third WSOPC cash, third final table and, most importantly, third Circuit victory in the $345 H.O.R.S.E. at IP Casino Resort and Spa in Biloxi, Mississippi.

“All I get is first,” Burt said shortly after his win. 

With the win, Burt joins an elite group off three-time ring winners that includes Chris Fergusson, Dwyte Pilgrim, Kyle Cartwright and Michael Souza. All players trail the five rings set earlier this year by Mark “Pegasus” Smith when he bested 283 players to record his fifth Circuit win.

Remarkably, Burt’s three Circuit rings come off only three Circuit cashes all within the last calendar year. Exactly one year ago he beat 78 players in a $345 H.O.R.S.E at IP Biloxi to score his first ring. Only three months later he followed up his performance by beating 192 players in Omaha 8 or Better at the Palm Beach Kennel Club in Florida. Then, last night, he moved to legendary status by cashing in on his third WSOPC win.

Burt is a model for success on the Circuit, but if that isn’t enough, his roommate is too. Burt rooms with two-time Circuit champ David Nicholson. Earlier this fall, Nicholson won the Main Event at Bossier City for over $120,000 and his first ring. About a month later, he scored ring number two with a convincing victory in Limit Omaha 8 or Better at Horseshoe Hammond. 

A close relative of the WSOP gold bracelet, a Circuit ring is the ultimate token of achievement on the WSOPC.

At the beginning of Day 2, 21 players still had a chance at taking home the coveted prize, but after only a few hours of play, we were down to the final table and the remaining eight players stacked up like this.

Final Table:

 Seat 1  Antony Vidmer  Nashville, TN  84,500
 Seat 2  David Key  Baton Rouge, LA  109,500
 Seat 3  Tim Burt  Grenada, MS  112,500
 Seat 4  Thomas Elliott  Carrollton, GA  95,000
 Seat 5  Wenzel Werner  Jacksonville, FL  53,000
 Seat 6  Benton Blakeman  Daphne, FL  17,000
 Seat 7  Daniel Barrett  Lisbon, CT  51,000
 Seat 8  Christopher Wolfe  Rolla, MO  167,000

Eighth Place: Making his first WSOPC cash was 51-year-old Antony Vidmer from Nashville, Tennesse. He earned $771.

Seventh Place: Benton Blakeman hails from Daphne, Alabama where he works as a director of strategic planning and lives with his wife and son, Braden. This final table marks his first WSOPC cash and he pocketed $893.

Sixth Place: Wenzel Werner is a 59-year-old machine shop owner. This was his first WSOPC cash and first final table. He was sent packing in sixth place and earned $1,085.

Fifth Place: Thomas “Cotton” Elliott is a 53-year-old from Carrollton, Georgia. This was his first WSOPC cash and first final table. His fifth place finish was good for $1,387.

Fourth Place: Daniel Barrett is a 27-year-old professional poker player. This was his first WSOPC cash and final table and he was awarded $1,872.

Third Place: This marked David Key’s second cash and second final table of the 2011-2012 Circuit tour. His other final table appearance came last month in Bossier City, also in a H.O.R.S.E event. He is a 26-year-old professional poker player from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Third place awarded him $2,674.

Second Place: Christopher Wolfe is 24-years-old and engaged to be married on 11/11/2011. This was Wolfe’s fifth WSOPC cash, fourth final table and second runner-up finish. He earned $4,062.

First Place: Tim Burt is a three-time Circuit champion with a knack for mixed games. Each of his three WSOPC rings have come in non-Hold’em variations. At 30-years-old, he has been playing poker professionally for six years. He got his start playing with his family over the holidays, but he has been playing poker seriously since he left the Army (two tours of duty in Iraq) in 2005.

Burt is from Grenada, Mississippi and his first place finish awarded him $6,567.

This is the third of 12 ring events slated to take place at IP Biloxi Casino Resort and Spa. Winners of all events will receive first-place prize money and the coveted WSOP Circuit ring. In addition, the winner of the Main Event will receive a seat to the $1 million Circuit National Championship in Las Vegas. An additional seat will be awarded to the individual who earns the most Circuit points at this stop.

The WSOP Circuit Events at IP Biloxi Casino Resort and Spa continue through November 7. The Main Event will take place November 5. 

A full schedule of events for the 2011-2012 Circuit at IP Biloxi can be seen HERE. 

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