Cards in the Air:  Tune-In and Watch WSOP Main Event Live Final Table Coverage

The waiting game is finally over.  The real game has begun.

The 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event Championship resumed play this afternoon with the last of the survivors – otherwise known as poker’s “November Nine.”  Cards flew in the air at 12:23 local time inside the Penn and Teller Theatre, at the Rio in Las Vegas.

The pre-game ceremony was everything one might expect from a glitzy Las Vegas show stage.  In surroundings normally reserved for one of the world’s most exciting magic acts, WSOP majesty was on full display as each of the nine finalists in the quest for poker’s world championship was introduced to a standing-room only crowd and a worldwide viewing audience, as each took his seat at the game’s most revered final table.

Accompanied by rock music, rap, and even a few classics, each finalist barged onto the stage to a chorus of cheers, chants, bright lights, and an adrenaline rush that one would normally think fitting for a major sporting contest.  Indeed, the final stages of poker’s world championship will prove to be every bit a test of mental and physical stamina.  Each of the nine remaining players will be tested as never before.

Final table action is expected to last most of the day and play deep into the night (Sunday).  Play will be suspended once the final three players have been determined.  The last three players will return to the same stage on Tuesday night, starting at 5:30 pm.

For the first time in history, poker players and fans everywhere can tune in and watch all the action live.  Coverage will even include player hole cards being shown – a WSOP first.  CLICK HERE to watch live WSOP Main Event final table action.  For those who prefer a written account of the action, CLICK HERE to see the live log of every hand.

When players took their seats, the positions and chip counts were as follows:

SEAT 1:  Matt Giannetti (Las Vegas, NV – USA) -- 24,750,000
SEAT 2:  Bob Bounahra (Belize City, BELIZE) -- 19,700,000
SEAT 3:  Eoghan O'Dea (Dublin, IRELAND) -- 33,925,000
SEAT 4:  Phil Collins (Las Vegas, NV – USA) -- 23,875,000
SEAT 5:  Anton Makiievskyi (Dnipropetrovsk, UKRAINE) -- 13,825,000
SEAT 6:  Sam Holden (Sussex, GREAT BRITAIN) -- 12,375,000
SEAT 7:  Pius Heinz (Cologne, GERMANY) -- 16,425,000
SEAT 8:  Ben Lamb (Tulsa, OK – USA) -- 20,875,000
SEAT 9:  Martin Staszko (Trinec, CZECH REPUBLIC) -- 40,175,000
Updates will be posted regularly as players are eliminated and chip counts change.  The official report of the entire tournament, complete with statistics, historical information, records, and quotes from each of the nine players will be posted to at the conclusion of the tournament.