The inaugural World Series of Poker Circuit Events at Harrah’s Chester came to a close Tuesday night with the conclusion of Event #10, the $345 buy-in No Limit Hold’em Event. The winner was Eric Breuer, a 44-year-old contractor from Downington, PA. Breuer owns a lawn care business in his hometown and plays poker recreationally..

The amateur’s two-day tournament battle came culminated with a heads up matchup against Allen “Chainsaw’ Kessler. After a two-hour heads up battle, Breuer defeated the seasoned pro to take the win, worth $12,015 and the WSOPC gold ring. 

149 players entered the final event of the Harrah’s Chester Circuit Series, generating a total prize pool of $43,359.

Joining Kessler and Breuer at the final table was 21-year-old Burak Temel.

With 50 points earned from his win in event #3 here at Harrah’s Chester, Temel was in prime position to take the all-around Casino points lead at Harrah’s Chester going into the final table. However, his fate would be interlocked with Robert Scott, who with 15 points here at Chester, was among those seated at the Main Event final table taking place just a few feet away.

To win his seat, Temel would need at least a fourth place finish and for Scott to finish in any place but second as an outright win by Scott would yield the seat given to the all-around points leader to Temel, while a 3rd through 9th place finish would leave Scott trailing behind Temel in overall points.  

By the end of play on day one, it was down to the official final table of nine. Ahmet Kose was the chip leader heading into the final nine.





Chip Count

Ahmet Kose

North Brunswick, NJ



Bryan Bindert

Wenonah, NJ



Eric Breuer

Downington, PA



Kim Edmonds

Toms River, NJ



Allen Kessler

Las Vegas, NV



Daniel Higgins

Bethlehem, PA



Nadir Babck

Mechanicville, NY



Elon Diamond

Miami, FL



Burak Temel

Arlington, VA



Ninth Place

Final table play got underway promptly at 2:00 pm EST with blinds at 2,500/5,000. The first elimination of the afternoon took place when Daniel Higgins moved all-in from the big blind with    and got a call from Burak Temel who turned over pocket 8’s. The flop came down     pairing Higgins’s seven, but leaving him still behind where he stayed after the   and   hit the turn and river. Higgins is 21 years old from Bethlehem, PA. He pocketed $1,085 for ninth.

Eighth Place

A short while later, Eric Breuer opened to 28,000 with A-K and Nadir Babck made the call for his remaining 17k with A-Q. Both players spiked top pair on the flop, but Breuer’s kicker played after an eight and ten hit the turn and river. Babck is a 32-year-old US Army Linguist from Mechanicville, NY. Babck learned how to play poker from US soldiers that he worked with in Afghanistan. In his first-ever major tournament cash, Babck shipped the $555 No Limit Hold’em Event at the Horseshoe Council Bluffs WSOP Circuit. For his eighth place finish in event #10 at Chester, he took home $1,359.      

Seventh Place

The last woman standing, Kim Edmonds, moved all-in from late position with pocket queens and got a call from Bryan Bindert with   . The race was on and the dealer spread the flop –     leaving Edmonds needing a lot of help on the turn and river. The   and   on fourth and fifth were no good to Edmonds, prompting her exit from the final table stage. Edmonds is an IT training manager from Toms River, NJ. She has a number of major tournament cashes under her belt, including a win at the Caesars AC WSOPC Ladies event and a third place finish in a $560 buy-in event at the Borgata Spring Open. For her performance today, she collected $1,731.

Sixth Place

Kessler and Bindert were involved in cooler of a hand with Kessler holding pocket aces on a board giving him aces full and Bindert with pocket fives for fives full. Bindert called Kessler all-in after the river and his tournament day was finished. Bindert is 43 years old from Wenonah, NJ. Sixth place paid him $2,239.  

Fifth Place

Elon Diamond was the fifth place finisher in this event. All-in, his hand was trumped by Kessler who made a king-high straight on the board. Diamond walked off to collect $2,945 fifth place prize money while Kessler continued his ascent up the leaderboard.

Fourth Place

Having now given himself a shot at a seat in the WSOPC National Championship with a total of 77.5 in the Harrah’s Chester casino championship points race, Temel moved all-in with   . Eric Breuer made the call and was ahead with   . The eight high board improved neither player’s hand, eliminating the 21-year-old poker pro in fourth place. Along 27.5 critical national championship points, Temel picked up $3,939 in prize money. 

Third Place

Ahmet Kose had a great run in event #10 but ran into a bad bit of luck late after Kessler was able to catch trip 8’s on the turn, cracking his own pocket jacks and leaving him on the ropes. “Are you floating Allen?!” asked Circuit regular Keith Crowder Kessler stacked his chips. “No,” Kessler replied sheepishly before explaining the line to Crowder. Kose was eliminated by Kessler a couple of hands later when he ran A-5 into Kessler’s pocket aces with his remaining few chips. Kose is a 30-year-old college soccer coach from North Brunswick, NJ. He took home $5,361 for third.

Second Place

Kessler and Breuer were dead even in chips when final table play began. Kessler had Breurer on the ropes, but in a critical hand, Breurer woke up with pocket aces and was able to double through Kessler who had pocket queens. From there, Bruerer never looked back and continued to chip up through the man known as chainsaw. After increasing to about a 4-1 lead Breurer got Kessler all-in in the night’s final hand with pocket kings vs. Kessler’s   .

The board came down      , giving Breurer the win and eliminated Kessler in second. For the victory, Breuer collected $12,015 and his first WSOPC gold ring. Kessler earned $7,426 for his runner-up finish.

This concludes the Circuit Series at Harrah’s Chester. See the complete Harrah’s Chester schedule and previous results here. The next World Series of Poker Circuit Event is currently underway at Harrah’s New Orleans and continues through May 22. You can find the complete 2010/2011 WSOP CIRCUIT SCHEDULE here.