I can't believe summer is officially here!  This has been a roller-coaster year for me...with some incredible ups as well as some pretty scary downs...but all in all, this past year will go down as the period of time in my life so far when I learned the most about what is REALLY important in life. 

Obviously, the most significant thing that happened was that my husband, Chad Brown, was diagnosed with cancer.  As a result, February and March were a really tough couple of months...but I can I feel us coming out on the other side of it already (Chad has recovered really well from radiation and is in awesome health)! 

The biggest impact that I have felt from going through all of this with Chad has been a profound shift in my priorities.   I found that being a professional poker player and a very competitive person, I had let my focus become so zoomed in to the world of poker that I was letting the rest of the world (and everything it has to offer) pass me by.  But don't get me wrong...I love my job and I am one heck of a LUCKY girl to be able to play poker for a living!  I just needed to add some BALANCE to my life.

So, this summer, rather than JUST updating you all on my various World Series of Poker experiences (which I will do), I will ALSO be filling you in on some exciting REAL LIFE adventures that I have planned! 
Oh ya, and a HUGE CONGRATS are in order for my good friend Maria Ho for her impressive 2nd place finish in the 5K event earlier this summer!!

For now, I'll leave it at that...but I'll be back in a few days with more!