Los Angeles, CA (January 2, 2012) – Many people think of Las Vegas as the center of the poker universe.  After all, each and every year, Las Vegas hosts the game’s biggest attraction – which is the World Series of Poker.
But if poker truly has an epicenter, it’s more likely 267 miles to the southwest – in Los Angeles.  The City of Angels has more licensed poker tables and more huge venues than any other city in the world (including Las Vegas).  There are arguably more dedicated poker players living in the Los Angeles area than any other place.
This has a lot to do with history.  The first poker boom was actually ignited long before anyone had ever heard of Chris Moneymaker or online poker; and the fuse was lit twenty-five years ago at a shiny new showcase for the game of poker, which was initially called The Bicycle Blub Casino.  After California broadened its gaming laws to allow for flop games (draw poker was the only legal poker game permitted up until 1987), the era of mega-cardrooms began.  The first giant casino built was The Bicycle Club, known affectionately today to most serious poker players simply as, “The Bike.”
While cardrooms and casinos located elsewhere were considered big if they housed a dozen poker tables, The Bicycle Casino rolled out more than a hundred tables in its poker palace.  With so many new players, tables, and dealers, cash games and tournaments alike, grew in number and size.  The Bicycle Casino was among the very first establishments outside of Las Vegas to regularly host major poker tournaments.  In short, "The Bike" was the place to be for serious poker player.  And, it still is. 
Now in 2012, the ideal alliance of forces has come to tournament poker.  The World Series of Poker Circuit has partnered with The Bicycle Casino to create one of the premier poker events of 2012.  The first-ever WSOP-related tournament series will be played at “The Bike,” starting on New Year’s Day.  A dozen gold ring events are taking place, running through January 12th.  The tournament series will actually conclude a week later, on January 18th.
The opening event was a $345 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em tournament.  Despite the New Year's Day holiday start, the action at The Bike was heavy.  There were 748 entrants for the debut competition, a sure sign that the remaining tournament schedule will be well-attended.
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