With the variance that often plays such a large part in the world of poker, rarely does a final table play out almost exactly as you would expect it to. However, that was just the case in the $555 No-Limit Hold ‘em event at the World Series of Poker Circuit event at the IP Casino in Biloxi, MS.

A total of 211 players entered the event, creating a prize pool of $102,335. When the final table of nine was set, Corrie Wunstel, Jeff Fiedler and Jonathan Sorscher sat in the top three chip positions.

The chip counts for the final table were as follows:
1. Jeff Fielder 451,000
2. Corrie Wunstel 429,000
3. Jonathan Sorscher 397,000
4. Pawel Andrzejewski 369,000
5. Michael Dalton 326,000
6. Carey Dukes 246,000
7. Smith Collins 149,000
8. William Tyre 102,000
9.Daniel Yun 70,000

Jeff Fielder quickly took a commanding lead at the final table on a board of Jd-10c-9d-8s. Fielder moved all in and put the Michael Dalton to the test. Dalton made the call and turned up As-Qs for a queen-high straight. His hand was no good though, as Fielder flipped over Ks-Qc for the king-high straight. The 5c on the river did not improve Dalton’s hand, sending the Ashland, MO native home in ninth place for $2,311.

Jonathan Sorscher was the next to take out a big stack when he called Pawel Andrzejewski’s all in. Andrzejewski showed Ad-9d but Sorscher turned up As-Qc. The best hand held up and the 32-year old poker professional from Park Ridge, IL was sent out in eighth place. Andrzejewski took home $2,898.

The elder statesman at the final table was William Tyre. The 66-year old retired Marine Corp Hospital Corpsman got the last of his chips in good. He held Qd-Qs against Sorscher’s 10c-10d. However, the board ran out 10s-7c-6d-3d-2s, giving Sorscher a set of tens and the pot. Tyre was sent back to Dublin, GA with $3,687 in his pocket.

A short-stacked Daniel Yun had battled all day to keep chips in front of him. He battle ended when he got all in with Ad-9s against the Ah-Kh of Carey Dukes. The board came Jd-10h-4s-8c-2d and Duke’s ace-king high held up. Yun took home $4,762 for his sixth place finish.

Corrie “Slim” Wunstel had sat back patiently at the final table waiting to make his move. With five players remaining, it was his time. On a flop of Jc-9s-8s, Smith Collins moved all in. Wunstel made the call with 10c-10s for a pair and an open ended straight draw. He was way ahead of Collins’ pocket four. The 3s on the turn and 6c on the river did not improve Collins’ hand and he was eliminated in fifth place. The New Orleans native took home $6,243 for his effort.

From that point, Wunstel proceed to take control. Carey Dukes went out in fourth place for $8,311 and Jeffrey Fielder was eliminated in third for $11,238. Fielder finished 92nd in the World Series of Poker Main Event this past summer.

With Corrie Wunstel holding the chip lead against Jonathan Sorscher, they saw a flop of 7-6-5. They got all the chips in the middle and Sorcher showed A-8 for an open ended straight draw. Wunstel flipped up pocket jacks for the best hand. The turn and river bricked out Sorscher, knocking him out of the tournament. The Lynbrook, NY native collected $15,441 for his second place finish.

Corrie “Slim” Wunstel earned his first World Series of Poker Circuit Ring for his victory along with $24,984. After winning, he said that he is now going to concentrate on qualifying for the WSOP Circuit National Championship.

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