The WSOP Academy, the official poker school of the World Series of Poker, launched the beta version of its new, online interactive poker school.  The WSOP Academy is designed to help novice and casual players improve their live game play and take their passion for poker to the next level. The site uses exclusive footage of actual WSOP play combined with a highly interactive interface and instruction directly from top poker champions to create an extremely effective training platform that is fun, entertaining and motivational.

WSOP Academy is the only live and online poker school licensed and endorsed by the #1 name in poker, the World Series of Poker. With no set up fees and only a $14.95/month during the beta period (July 1 – September 1, 2010), the makes the best poker training affordable to every player.

“The WSOP Academy Online is unlike any other training site. It gives players a clear training roadmap, with a tested protocol that improves confidence and insures your game is getting better, each time you train,” said 11-time WSOP Champion, Phil Hellmuth. “We teach players with real hands from real tournaments with exclusive WSOP content, giving them our first-hand view of every flop, turn and river. This is the place where the next generation will learn to become champions.”

Designed for the novice and novice player, the WSOP Academy Online provides an A-Z curriculum of highly interactive and engaging poker training from the game’s biggest champions. Instructors include Annie Duke, Phil Hellmuth, Greg Raymer, Mark Seif, Mark Gregorich and Gavin Griffin. Exclusive to the WSOP Academy, 25 year FBI veteran Joe Navarro translates his people-reading skills to spotting bluffs and tells at the poker table. The school’s groundbreaking curriculum includes:
    Training Roadmap: Players need a curriculum that builds a base of knowledge about the game and then expands on each skill learned. is the only site that provides a comprehensive training roadmap, divided into 12 chapters with real-time testing and live feedback before and after each lesson. This helps students retain the strategies they learn and have confidence the next time they sit at the table.

   Certification Course: The WSOP Academy’s live certification class has been molding champion players since 2007. Now the in-depth training and certification from the world’s foremost poker champions is affordable to everyone online. First semester graduates are eligible to win a seat at a live WSOP Academy event and second semester players have a shot to win a spot in Hellmuth’s Home Game. Training content is delivered three courses at a time, allowing students to master each winning strategy at their own pace.

   Bracelet Winners Corner: The Bracelet Winners’ corner is a 30-minute coaching module in which students learn directly from the champs. For the first time and in their own words, the champs describe the strategies, missteps and moves they employed to win their WSOP bracelets. The Corner launches with the first of several episodes featuring exclusive, unseen WSOP footage from Phil Hellmuth's epic 11th WSOP Bracelet win.

   Hellmuth’s Home Game: students sit down instruction with Hellmuth in the first weekly, online TV show dedicated to poker strategy.  Hosted by Ali Nejad, Phil and friends play a series of cash games & sit-and-go’s providing uncensored insights and play-by-play commentary.

   Navarro’s Poker Tells Center: Joe Navarro spent twenty-five years with the FBI interrogating spies. Now exclusively at, Joe teaches how to hide and find body and face tells, while honing key observation skills that central to the championship mindset.

“In the past, novice and home game poker players had few choices to learn the game: endless online poker scenarios, pro-level books and videos or expensive personal coaching,” said Greg Raymer, 2004 WSOP Champion. “If the fixes just one small flaw in your game, you could save thousands of dollars in losses for an investment of only a few dollars a month. I wish this existed when I was learning the game.”

Visit to sign up, take a tour of the site, test your poker IQ or try a free trial lesson. The WSOP Academy is dedicated to helping players take their interest and passion for poker to the next level.

The World Series of Poker Academy is the official live and online poker training school of the World Series of Poker. The WSOP Academy is the only site that gives you a clear roadmap to victory by joining the voice of bracelet-winning champions, with unseen WSOP footage to coach players of every skill level how to improve their game. Players are mentored to develop the champion mindset and tested on winning strategies directly by Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke, Greg Raymer, Mark Seif, Mark Gregorich and Gavin Griffin and former FBI agent and tell expert Joe Navarro. Please visit: to register or follow us: and