Tweet, Tweet, Tweet Away
"RT @phil_hellmuth: I have 14k at dinner break in 2k no limit...1,646 started, 599 left...Michael Phelps just called, he lost 25 pounds working out!!"

It's the latest poker craze:

As the microblogging site has exploded nationwide recently, it has also spread throughout cardrooms, allowing the celebrity-poker players to keep their fans and followers up-to-date with their tournament status and anything else they have going on in their life.

Barry Greenstein (@barrygreenstein) to Lacey Jones (@LaceyJones), it seems anyone who is anyone has an account on Twitter. One of the most recognizable faces on the poker world, Daniel Negreanu, usually "tweets" during breaks in his tournaments with chip counts and sometimes about hands he played.

"I Twitter on the breaks my chip counts, random feelings, what tournaments I'm in," he (@
RealKidPoker) said. "(I tweet) some hands (but) it's only 140 characters and the hands I play are usually more complex."

Phil Hellmuth
, known to most for his televised blow ups after bad beats, said he likes to use Twitter to talk about hands and to vent his frustrations.
"I can Twitter out my bad beats and frustrations," Hellmuth said. "I don't want to get personal (and) rather than get upset, I can Twitter it out and forget about it."

World Series of Poker
commissioner Jeffery Pollack also uses the site to update his followers with what's going on during the various tournaments and what he is busy working on or which game he is watching.
"I heard the poker community on Twitter was vibrant and decided this would be a good way for me to offer some of my perspectives and communicate as opposed to blogging," Pollack (@JeffreyPollack) said.
Instead of having to sit down and blog, Pollack enters his thoughts and opinions 140 characters at a time and can do it throughout the day.
"I blogged infrequently, incosistently and without forethought," he said. "I sensed Twitter would help alleviate some of that."
Some players use Twitter in addition to their blogs as a way to give people further insight into their daily lives.

Doyle Brunson
(@TexDolly) started tweeting after he was reccommended to start by his online poker room.
"It's sort of fun, like my blogging," he said. "I keep having so much fun, I keep doing it." Brunson, who at 75 years old is one of the oldest in the Twitter universe, said the viewpoints and responses represented by his more than 6,000 followers keeps it fun.
"(I enjoy) the responses you get when you have thousands of followers, the different view points about things," he said. "It's just a fun thing."
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