No More Magic

The final three tables of 27 players meet back today at noon to play down to the November Nine. Play started today for the Main Event with a little over seven minutes left on the clock from level 29. 

Leo Margets, the last woman standing, would be the first victim to fall in the day. Warren Zackey opened for 350,000 and Margets came over the top and moved all in. Zackey called holding     and Margets was dominated holding    . The board ran           and Margets Main Event run was over.

Jesse Haabak entered the day as one of the smaller stacks with only 2.75 million in chips with the average stack around 7.237 million. He opened a pot with an all-in shove from late position. Zackey found     on the button and made the call. Haabak tabled     looking for help on the flop. The board ran           and Haabak’s tournament was over after eight long days of play.

Francois Balmigere opened to 330,000 from middle position and Steven Begleiter called as did Billy Kopp. The flop hit       and Kopp bet out 700,000 and Balmigere moved all-in for 2.785 million. Begleiter folded and Kopp tanked. He finally called holding     and Balmigere held    . The turn and river were     which made Kopp’s straight. The Frenchman’s day was over and Balmigere left the Amazon room.

The next elimination came when Antonio Esfandiari opened to 310,000 UTG and Begleiter called in middle position. The flop came       and Esfandiari continued with a 535,000 bet and Begleiter raised to 1.61 million. Esfandiari moved all-in for 2.5 million more. Begleiter made the call and tabled     and was ahead of Esfandiari’s    .  A   on the turn and a   on the river ended “The Magician’s” deep Main Event run.

With four eliminations in the first level of play the remaining players are getting deeper and deeper stacked. Play resumed at level 31 with 80,000/160,000 blinds with a 20,000 ante.