Father, Where Art Thou?

It's not everyday a man of the cloth is spotted in a gambling establishment and the World Series of Poker is no exception. Father Donald Kloster and Mark Moore of San Antonio, Texas arrived in Las Vegas on Sunday for Moore to play in the Main Event.

Father Kloster did not indulge in the gambling, he came along to support Moore, who plans to donate ten percent of whatever he wins to his church, Our Lady of thee Atonement in San Antonio.

The two met when Moore was a parishioner of Kloster's church. Although Kloster now serves as a chaplain at three San Antonio hospitals and delivers Mass at St. Pius X Catholic Church, the two have remained close.

Every poker player asks for a little help from the poker Gods sometimes but Moore does not need the help of the higher powers of poker. He has all he needs on the rail with Kloster. "I've been praying a lot for him and I think it's working, he is back for the second day," Kloster said.

Kloster admits it is a little odd to be a priest in Sin City. "I feel like I'm a little bit of light in the darkness," he said. Outside of playing poker, the two have enjoyed the restaurants and gone golfing, but have not reveled in the more sinful side of Las Vegas.

"Some of the girls, they try to give me cards. Then they see I'm a priest and they back off, which is good, I'm just thankful 'cause that is one of the things I really don't like about Las Vegas," Kloster said.

Other than scantily clad girls making an effort to get the Father to partake in a number of the Seven Deadly Sins, Kloster said it has been incredible how nice the people have been to him at the WSOP.

It is Kloster's first time at the WSOP and even though it might seem like the last place a man of the cloth would want to be, he has had a great experience so far. "It's a great atmosphere, I've really, really enjoyed it," he said.

Kloster did have some priestly advice for players who lose their tempers. "Some guy lost and he dropped the F-Bomb as loud as he could about six or seven times. There is really no sense in doing that. If you lose you lose."

But do not count on seeing Kloster at the felt anytime soon, he is content at the rail supporting his friends. "If I sit down I'm going to be paying someone else. I would rather play golf," he said.