Atlantic City, NJ (December 13, 2009) – The 2009/2010 World Series of Poker Ladies Circuit Event champion is Cynthia Albert of Germantown, MD. Albert outlasted a field of 169 entrants during the one-day event which lasted nearly 15 hours.

The ladies event at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City attracted a strong field of determined competitors, vying to win the $11,582 first place prize and the WSOP Circuit Ladies Event pendant. Albert was in the middle of the pack when the final table was decided shortly before 11:00 pm Saturday night. 





Cynthia Albert

Germantown, MD



Kathy Kennedy

Efland, NC



Helen Spooner

Indian Head, MD



Taryn Crumlish

Belman, NJ



Brenda Lyons

Orlando, FL



Christina Thompson

Saddlebrook, NJ



Jamie Kersetetter

Ventnor, NJ



Donna DiCrescento

Staten Island, NY



Barbara Ganin

Hillsdale, NY



The ninth place finisher was Kathy Kennedy. Kennedy is a coordinator for World Tavern Poker, an organization that coordinates poker tournaments at bars and taverns nationwide. Kennedy took home $1,475 after she pushed her short stack with king-high against Taryn Crumlish’s 6-3 and a six hit the board. Kennedy was the first of five players to be eliminated by the 2009 WSOPC Caesars Atlantic City Ladies champion.

Eighth place went to Jamie Kerstetter. Kerstetter, a 27-year old "laid-off tax attorney" jokingly claims to be "Tiger Woods’ woman #9." (jokingly, right Jamie?)

Although she was one of the chip leaders coming into the final table, Kerstetter doubled-up shorter stacked Christina Thompson twice and soon found her own stack running low. Kerstetter was all-in shortly after with 5’s versus the ace-high of Taryn Crumlish. Crumlish spiked an ace on the flop and Kerstetter was finished after bricking the flop and river. Eighth place paid $1,967.

The next elimination belonged to Donna DiCrescento. DiCrescento, last year’s Harrah’s AC Ladies Event third place finisher, hoped to improve on her 2008 accomplishment, but was thwarted by Helen Spooner after going all-in with A-6 off against Spooner’s A-J. DiCrescento failed to improve and had to settle for seventh place and $2,459.

Software developer Barbara Ganin finished in sixth after going all-in with     and getting a call from Crumlish, who showed    . A king on the flop gave Crumlish the lead, but not by much, as two diamonds also hit the board. Ganin couldn’t catch on the turn or river and busted, earning $2,951.

Fifth place was Brenda Lyons of Orlando, FL. Lyons ran her Q-J into the pocket queens of Crumlish and was eliminated after a benign board. Fifth paid $3,443.

After doubling up to about 500,000, Christina Thompson, a general manager from Saddlebrook, NJ had a real shot of taking down the event. However, after a flop of       she made a fatal misstep when she tried to push Crumlish out of the sizable pot, moving all-in for 450,000. Crumlish snap called.

"I got the nuts," said Crumlish showing     for the flopped straight. Thompson turned over pocket 7’s and with no help on the turn or river saw her run end. Thompson took home $3,934.

Three-handed play was between Crumlish, Albert and Spooner, who was down to under a blind. Spooner was eliminated with 6-4 off against Albert’s ace high. Third place paid $5,410.

At about 1:00 am, heads-up action saw Crumlish against Albert. Crumlish, with a 2-1 chip lead and not shy about taunting her opponents, tried in her own special way to extend an olive branch to Albert.

"If you want to make a deal, we can make a deal," she declared. "But you cannot beat me heads-up."

Calm and graceful, Albert held her own. "Well, I go home with 7,000 anyway, so we’ll see what happens."

It was a back and forth battle between Crumlish and Albert with the chip lead changing places about three times. After about 90 minutes, the hand of the night saw the two players in the pot with a 7-high flop. Both went all-in with Crumlish showing [A] [7] for top pair, and Albert turning over pocket 8’s.

Crippled, Crumlish was soon all-in with     only to be dominated by Albert’s    . Although a four hit the flop, it was accompanied by a 7. Deuces on the board and river ended the match and Albert was victorious.

"Well, heads up is my best game, so it didn’t bother me at all," said Albert of Crumlish’s taunting comment earlier in the match. "If I had come in second, that was fine also. I just played my best game."

Albert had this to say about women’s events "Women’s events are good for poker and serve a purpose for women who are a little intimidated by men."

"I’d like to see women’s events continue as they help women get over the intimidation factor and bring more women into poker."
Still to come are 8 more events and 15 nightly (single-day) satellites which begin at 3 pm and 7pm.

The WSOP Circuit at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City continues through December 20th.