#32 - Susie Isaacs
The 40th Annual World Series of Poker is only weeks away. Between now and the start of the Main Event BluffMagazine.com will be presenting the 40 Greatest Champions in WSOP history exclusively on WorldSeriesofPoker.com. 
Susie Isaacs joins the list as the first woman to win back to back Ladies Championship titles.  She took her first in 1996 then repeated in 1997.  She has also made the final table the event three other times in 2004, 1994, and 1993.  She has had a total of 11 cashes in her WSOP career, including just missing the final table of the Main Event in 1998 with a tenth place finish.  She also finished in the top 5% of the 2006 Main Event.
The Nashville, Tennessee born Isaacs has played poker in Las Vegas since 1986.  She earned the nickname “Ms. Poker” because of her tournament success and regular contributions to poker journalism.  She was inducted into the Women’s Poker Hall of Fame as part of the inaugural class of 2008.

Her presence in poker has helped other women join the game.  Isaacs’ aggressiveness at the table is disguised by her polished, feminine fashion which never lets the other players forget that she is a woman.

Isaacs is the most published woman in poker and has written multiple books; “White Knight, Black Nights: Poker Is Skill, Life Is the Gamble,” “1000 Best Poker Strategies and Secrets,”  “Queens Can Beat Kings; Broad-Minded Poker for Winning Women,” “Ms. Poker: Up Close and Personal,” and “Ms. Poker: I’m Not Bluffing.”

In addition to playing and writing about poker, she has her own poker themed jewelry line.  Isaacs has been advocate of women in poker for decades.  She still plays monthly and weekly tournaments in Las Vegas to stay sharp.  Without the strides Isaacs made during the 80s when poker was a man’s game, we may have never heard of Jen Harman, Maria Ho, or Tiffany Michelle.