Disband the Army

Dennis Phillips came to the final table of the WSOP as the chip leader. The red cap he wore may as well have served as a target on his head. Everybody was gunning for him.

To say that he had an up and down day Sunday would be a bit of an understatement. He was one of the more active players earlier but spent most of his time shipping chips to his opponents. If not for a lucky double-up with AQ vs. QQ in the early evening, Phillips’ story would have been one of a monumental collapse. But finishing third meant that Phillips fun ride was over – and enjoyed every second of it.

“I came in here telling you I was gonna have fun, and I guarantee you, I had fun,” said Phillips, smiling after busting out just short of the heads-up session for the bracelet. “

Phillips walks away with $4.5 million and guaranteed all the media he'd be back at work very soon.