No More Canucks

In a shocking development for Canadian poker fans both Darus Suharto and Scott Montgomery have been eliminated from the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Suharto was actually eliminated at the hands of Montgomery in a rare display of Canuck-on-Canuck violence. After Montgomery opened the pot with a raise Suharto moved all-in for 8.55 million from the button and Montgomery thought momentarily before calling. Suharto sheepishly turned up A-8 and grimaced when Montgomery showed A-Q. The flop brought three spades and with Montgomery holding the As it eliminated one out for Suharto. The 4s on the turn ended the drama and Suharto was out in sixth place.

“I can’t lie. I feel pretty disappointed,” said Suharto, who plans to return to his job as an accountant before deciding on his future poker goals.

Only 14 hands later, after losing 80% of his stack to Ivan Demidov, Montgomery was eliminated by a one-outer. Peter Eastgate opened with a raise to 1.25 million and Montgomery moved all-in. Eastgate called and tabled pocket sixes while Montgomery showed Ad-3d. The flop brought an ace for Montgomery and the turn brought another one.

With the dealer waiting for the go-ahead to deal the final card Phillips mentioned that he’d folded the 6c. That seemed to tempt fate and the case six fell on the river to fill up Eastgate and send Montgomery to the rail with his fellow Canadian.

“I was behind when I got it all-in, so I don’t consider that a bad beat,” said Montgomery. “I certainly wanted to finish better that fifth.”