The “Gert” Dane

When Gus Hansen hit the rail Saturday, Danish poker fans couldn’t help but be disappointed. But it’s not over yet as the country of 5.5 million still has two horses left as the 2008 World Series of Poker plays down to the November Nine Monday at the Rio.

Peter Eastgate has been making moves on Day 7, but for the past two days it’s been all about Gert Andersen. Starting Day 6 with only 1.4 million chips, Andersen got active and found himself rocketing up the leaderboard.

“I didn’t see many cards the first couple of orbits. But then I had the chip leader to my right. I played him yesterday for a little bit and I saw a crazy move he had where he had king-six suited on the button and he raised, small blind re-raised and then he pushed all in. The small blind had about 1.5 million left and he had him covered and he made the call, so we saw the K-6 suited move and he sucked out against A-K,” said Andersen.

“So he opened on the cut-off and he’d played lots of hands, so I re-raised with A-J, he pushed all-in and I have to call 1.2 million for my tournament life and I did, and he showed K-J, so I was in good shape. So I get a double up.”

While that hand helped the Danish accountant, there was another hand that put him into position to make a deep run.

“Some guy opened with a raise, and another player called on the button, and I called from the small blind with Q-10 suited. The flop was A-J-8 so I had a double gutter. I checked, the pre-flop raiser bet, the guy on the button called and I called as well,” said Andersen. “It came a king on the turn, so I had the nut straight. I checked again, pre-flop raiser bet 900,000 and the guy on the button moved all-in and I moved all-in as well, I had nuts.  The first guy didn’t like the situation, but he was basically committed, he had about a million left and he knows for sure one of us has Q-10, but he has a set so he calls as well.”

“He turned over a set of eights, the guy on the button turned over A-K for top two. Then on the river comes a 5. I eliminated the pre-flop raiser and the other guy was crippled, he was down to a million and he went out a little later.”

Anderson qualified for the Main Event in an online satellite and has only played one previous large buy-in tournament on the European Poker Tour. Despite his limited experience, Anderson hasn’t found himself at all intimidated by any of the other players.

“Yeah well, I try not to get intimidated or anything. I also sat next to Phil Hellmuth the other day for a little bit. I just try to play my game, but I try not to let it influence my game at all.”

Andersen finished Day 6 with 6.74 million, good enough for seventh position, but through the first level of Day 7 though he’s sunk to 18th place with 3.5 million. Follow all of Gert Andersen’s action with the Official WSOP live updates.