John Devia is Final Day Chip Leader At Grand Casino Tunica WSOP Circuit

Final Nine will Resume Play on Tuesday With a Live Webcast by Bluff Media

    Name                        Hometown             Chip Count

John Devia   West Palm, FL 929,500
Ryan Young   Torrance, CA  521,000
Giovanni Marcacci Brooksville, FL 465,000
Tom Schneider Scottsdale, AZ  422,000
Ben Sabrin   Atlanta, GA  417,000
Donald Nicholson Oak Ridge, TN 325,000
Mark Garner   Little Rock, AR 213,500
Bart Tichelman Atlanta, GA  164,000
Jordan Rich   Portland, OR  147,000
   John Devia, 34, of West Palm Beach, Florida, will hold the lead with 929,500 chips going into the final day of the WSOP Circuit championship event at Grand Casino Tunica when play resumes on Tuesday. Action will take place on a large soundstage on the main floor starting at noon. Buff Media will do the live Webcast, with a one-hour delay, available for viewing at
   Day 2 started with the return of the remaining 29 players. Well, 28, actually. Gene Baverlein, at the bottom with only 10,000 chips -- half the starting amount -- didn't bother to show and was soon anted and blinded off. Very soon afterwards, we were down to three tables.
   Ninety minutes into play, Vanessa Rousso was eliminated just two out of the money. She called all in with A-9 against Tom Schneider's pocket 7s. He flopped a set when the board came J-7-5 and then filled when a jack turned. At that point we were down to 19 all-male players. Ten minutes later another player went out, and the remaining 18 were now all in the money.
   Jesse Dean was first to cash in, and then Josh Arieh went out in 17th place on a very bad beat. He was all in with pocket kings pre-flop against John Devia's pocket 10s, and went out when a 10 hit the river. Dean and Arieh both were paid $12,818.
   Tim Frostad finished 16th. He was short-chipped, went all in with 8s-6s and lost to Jesse Maupin's A-7 when an ace flopped. For 16th, he also got $12,818.
   Soon after, Charles Cardin moved in with Kc-Qc. Tom Schneider called with Qh-10h, made a river flush and left Cardin in 15th place, which paid $15,535.
   Next out was Charles Horvath. He moved in for over 90,000 with pocket kings and ran into pocket aces.held by Ryan Young who called from the button. The board came 10-6-4-4-8, and Horvath collected $15,535 for 14th. 
   Dustin Bailey went out 13. He had A-7 and was raised all in by John Devia, who had A-Q. Bailey couldn't catch up and was paid $15,571. 
   Next, Jeremiah Vinsant, very low-chipped, pushed in with K-7, losing to Ben Sabrin's A-6. For 12th, he collected $17,852. 
   By now, "Captain" Tom Franklin was himself very low. On the button with A-2, he decided to go all in for his last 28,000. Jordan Rich called with A-7. The board came K-9-4-10. Franklin needed a deuce to win, or a 4, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, or ace to chop. Instead a trey hit the river, and the Captain settled for $17,852 for 11th.
   The 10 remaining players now moved to one table to play down to the final nine. On the final hand of the day, Jesse Maupin, with As-Qs, moved in for 80,000.and was called by Sabrin, who had pocket kings. A board of Js-10c-8d-8s gave Maupin hopes for a flush escape, but a red trey on the river ended his hopes. The final nine will now have a day of rest before battle resumes in two days.

   Meanwhile, here are the results of the $100,000 prize pool best all-around competition:

1. Dale Morrow   $25,000
2. Ben Mintz   $15,000
3. Robert Castoire  $8,000
4. Kenny "Bad Hat" Piel  $6,000
5.Michael Ciaravino  $4,200
6. David Rylander  $4,000
7. Bobby Moon   $3,800
8. Denis Davenport  $3,600
9. William Rector   $3,400
10.Dina Rylander   $3,200
11. Patrick Reeners  $3,000
12.Doug Taylor   $2,800
13.Chad Berthelson  $2,800
14.Tim Gray   $2,400
15.Michael Hanelin  $2,200
16.Paul Distefano   $2,000
17.Jeremy Morrow  $1,800
18.Rami Jradeh   $1,600
19.Mark Ellis   $1,400
20.Brian Wolfe   $1,100
21.Greg Stillsmith  $900
22.Michael McKuin  $800
23.Terence Ferentinos  $600
24.Rory Monahan   $400
25.Scott Dreicer   $200