2006 World Series of Poker Circuit
Grand Casino Tunica – Tunica, MS
Official Report
Event #14
No-Limit Hold’em
Championship Event
Day 1
Sept. 11, 2000
Buy-In: $5,000 +$150
Number of Entries: 138
Total Prize Money: $658,300 (+ Seat into 2008 WSOP Main Event)

Terry Hawkins Leads Field for Final Day of Grand Casino Tunica Circuit Championship

Terry Hawkins, a parts manager with no prior cash-outs, is the leader with 245,800 chips at the end of Day 2 of the WSOP Circuit event at Grand Casino Tunica. The field played down from 27 to the final nine who will return at noon tomorrow for the third and final day.

Day 2 came to a spectacular end when Jerry Matlock was all in with pocket queens against an A-J held by Steve Hyvonen, who had started the day as chip leader. A board of A-J-10-K gave Matlock a straight and Hyvonen two pair. Then a river jack filled Hyvonen, and the final table was set for the final day

Day 2 (Official) results:

1     $216,852
2     $113,781
3     $66,930
4     $53,544
5     $40,158
6     $33,465
7     $26,772
8     $20,079
9     $13,386
10 Jerry Matlock Elgin, IL $10,709
11 Tony Burton Santa Rosa Bch., GA  $10,709
12 Pat Atchison Ft. Worth, TX $10,709
13 James Lindsay Haynesville, NC $9,370
14 Samuel Chun Lakeland, TN $9,370
15 Shannon Shorr Birmingham, AL $9,370
16 Michael Spegal St. Mary's, GA $8,032
17  Richard Gum Granite City, IL $8,032
18 Mike Haney Marion, AR $8,032

Second-day play started at noon with blinds of 400-800 and 100 antes, 17 minutes left on the clock, playing 75 minute rounds.

There was immediate action. Within five minutes we lost our first player, Frank Kassela. A beat later, Nani Dollison, down to about 9,000, was all in with A-10. After prolonged thought, William McMahan called with pocket jacks which held up. Then, 10 minutes later, another low-chipped player, Giovanni Marcacci, departed. And, a half hour into play, Mack Khan went out when he ran into a set of 6s. So far, all the players eliminated were in the bottom third of starting chips.

Blinds were now 600-1,200 with 200 antes. A few minutes later two players were knocked out. Steve Williams was all in with pocket queens and John Barnes with A-K. Richard Damian Gum had J-J. He flopped a set, and suddenly we were down to 21. To this point, five of the six players eliminated came from table 48. Not a lucky table.

As play continued, Gum picked up another 50,000 when Hyvonen bet that amount into a board of 9s-5s-2s. Not giving him credit for a flush, Gum moved in with pocket aces and Hyvonen folded. After McMahan went out, we went hand-for-hand with 20 players remaining. Next out was Yoon Kim whose pocket 9s lost to Shannon Shorr's pocket kings when the board came A-A-8-8-K.

When Thomas Hover finished 19th, all the players were in the money.

When the field got down to 10, all the players assembled at the feature table to lose one more. That happened when Hyvonen made his full house, and the remaining nine prepared for next day's final table..

Here are the seats and chip counts for Day 3.

Seat 1 Steve Hyvonen Cleveland, OH 93,600
Seat 2 Jordan Morgan Norman, OK 207,900
Seat 3 Jeff Cohen Parkland, FL 120,000
Seat 4 Mark Garner Little Rock, AR 124,000
Seat 5 Terry Hawkins Cordova, TN 245,800
Seat 6 Gil George Dallas, TX 36,700
Seat 7 Jerry Saucier Helena, AL 199,800
Seat 8 Glyn Banks Smithville, TN 119,100
Seat 9 Brian Rutland Saltillo, MS 234,000