Event #39
H.O.R.S.E. World Championship
Buy-In: $50,000
Number of Entries: 148
Total Prize Money: $7,104,000
Date of Tournament: June 24-28, 2007

Players Remaining: 21

End of Day Three Results

Feature Table
Seat Name Hometown Chip Count
1 Bruno Fitoussi Paris, France 1,248,000
2 Daniel Negreanu Las Vegas, NV 149,000
3 Justin Bonomo Los Angeles, CA 295,000
4 Greg Raymer Raleigh, NC 504,000
5 Amnon Filippi New York, NY 2,343,000
6 Mike Matusow Las Vegas, NV 696,000
7 Dewey Tomko Winter Haven, FL 248,000
Table 68
Seat Name Hometown Chip Count
1 Mark Gregorich Las Vegas, NV 386,000
2 Pat Pezzin Toronto 102,000
3 Stephen Wolff Newport Beach, CA 263,000
4 Kenny Tran Arcadia, CA 1,959,000
5 Chris Reslock Atlantic City, NJ 536,000
6 David Singer Las Vegas, NV 1,017,000
7 Max Pescatori Italy 81,000
Table 71
Seat Name Hometown Chip Count
1 Thien "Tim" Phan Westminster, CA 889,000
2 Noah Jefferson Santa Monica, CA 167,000
3 Gabe Kaplan Brooklyn, NY 625,000
4 Barry Greenstein Rancho Palo Verde, CA 650,000
5 Freddy Deeb Las Vegas, NV 963,000
6 Thor Hansen El Segundo, CA 537,000
7 John Hanson New York, NY 1,215,000

Tournament Notes:

  • This is a five-day event. The final table will be played in Thursday, June 29th.
  • Next day starting times will always be 2 pm, unless announced otherwise.
  • Dinner breaks will be from 7:30 to 9:00 pm.
  • Eli Elezra had the chip lead after Day One. He began the second day with 561,000 in chips. Day One eliminated 21 players as 127 continued for Day Two.
  • The chip leader at the end of Day Two was John Hansen. Toto Leonidas was close behind in second place. Eli Elezra ranked third. Nearly two-thirds of the field was gone, as 52 players returned for Day Three.
  • The chip leader at the end of Day Three was Amnon Filippi. He is currently the only player with over 2M in chips.