Event #10: No Limit Hold 'em (Six-Handed)
Location: Bally's/Paris Las Vegas
Buy-in: $1500 (+70)
Number of Entries: 124
Total Prize Money: $180,420

Players were eliminated as follows:

6th Place: Glynn Beebe, $9,021
Glynn Beebe had the slight advantage when he was 'all in' with pocket threes against A-J. That advantage turned after the flop of A=9=4, leaving Glynn with a two outer. A six on the turn was no help. The river of an eight gave the pot to Rico, and a 6th place finish to Glynn, who earned $9,021.
5th Place: Mark Seif, $12,629
Mark Seif had encountered a few bad beats during the final table, and was looking to put one on BJ, as he was all in with K-Q against A-Q. The flop of 2-8-Q gave both players top pair, leaving Mark out-kicked. The turn brought a seven, leaving only three kings for Mark to stay alive. The river queen ended the day for Mark, as he finished the event in 5th place with $12,629.
4th Place: Doug "Rico" Carli, 17,140
Rico got it 'all in' before the flop with A-10, only to find himself behind BJ, who had called with Q-Q. He found no help as the flop brought 3=4=9, and the six on the turn left only an ace to keep him in. The king on the river gave Doug "Rico" Carli a fourth place finish, worth $17,140.
3rd Place: Larry Wright, $23,455
Larry was in need of help when he went 'all in' from the big blind with K-9, behind BJ with K-J. The flop of J=5=6 hurt his chance to stay alive as BJ had made top pair. An eight on the turn gave him some life with the gut-shot possibility, but it was not meant to be as a queen fell on the river, giving Larry a 3rd place finish and $23,455.
Runner up: Brian Stonoff, $39,692
1st Place: BJ Hoover, $65,853
BJ had the chip lead when he called Brian's 'all in' bet. Ahead in the hand with A-8, BJ had to avoid a bad beat, as Brian held A-6. The flop of J=5=6 was painful, as Brian took the lead in the hand. However, BJ got it right back when an eight hit the turn. The river ended the tournament with a seven, giving Brian Stonoff the 2nd place finish and $39,692. BJ Hoover, tournament champion, received the WSOP circuit ring and $65,853 for 1st place.

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Tournament reporting by Nolan Dalla / worldseriesofpoker.com