Event #7: No Limit Hold 'em
Location: Bally's/Paris Las Vegas
Buy-in: $300 (+30)
Number of Entries: 408
Total Prize Money: $134,640

Players were eliminated as follows:

9th Place: Amble Mavad, $2,375
On the first hand of the final table, Amble Mavad put his 3000 in chips 'all in' with 5-3. With 2000 already in for the big blind, Michael called with 10-2. The flop of 8=9=4 helped no one, and a ten on the turn left Amble drawing dead with a 9th place finish and $2,375.
8th Place: Lance Hewitt, $3,662
Lance Hewitt was short-stacked in the small blind and was all in with K-4 against Michael, who was in with 8-10. The flop came 2=5=9 and a jack on the turn gave Michael many outs, which he got with an eight on the river. Lance received $3,662 for his 8th place finish.
7th Place: Jason Alt, $4,749
Jason Alt had lost most of his chips early, and put the rest in with pocket sixes. Unfortunately, he was far behind David, who held pocket jacks. 5=10=Q on the flop did not improve his sixes, nor did the ace on the turn or 10 on the river. Jason took home $4,749 for 7th place.
6th Place: Aaron Hoyle, $5,636
Aaron Hoyle's move to take the blinds with 9-10 was unsuccessful as he was called by John with A-8. The flop gave some hope when it came 7=7=6, giving him the inside straight draw. An ace on the turn gave him four outs, but the 8 he needed failed to come on the river. Aaron finished the event in 6th place worth $5,636.
5th Place: Michael Young, $7,124
Michael Young pushed 'all in' after David had raised the pot. David called with K-10 and Michael was ahead with A-J. K=J=4 on the flop turned the tables on Michael, giving David top pair and leaving Michael needing another jack or ace to stay alive. The two on the turn and river seven were not the help he needed, as Michael finished in 5th place, earning $7,124.
4th Place: Cindi Nguyen, $8,311
Cindi Nguyen pushed it all in after John had limped in. The trap worked as Cindi's A-J trailed John's pocket aces. K=J=9 on the flop gave some hope, but no more jacks hit the board as the turn brought a seven and the river a ten. Cindi's 4th place in the event paid $8,311.
3rd Place: David Hurley, $9,498
David Hurley pushed it all in three-handed, but his A-9 trailed Maria, who had called with A-K. The flop was no help as it came 8=3=7. With the turn a two and river another seven, David finished the event with 3rd place and $9,498.
Runner up: Maria Stern, $18,996
1st Place: John Cobb, $36,806
On the final hand, Maria raised with A-10 and John went 'all in' with A-Q. Maria called and had a three outer to stay alive. K=2=4 on the flop did not help her hand. John needed to avoid a ten to win the tournament. The turn was a three, giving the wheel draw to both players to split. A four on the river though was no help to Maria Stern as she finished 2nd place with $18,996. John Cobb took home the Event #7 title, as well as the Circuit Event winner's ring and $36,806.

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Tournament reporting by Nolan Dalla / worldseriesofpoker.com